Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today and Yesterday

Today was as simple as everyday was. Except, i didn't go to school today. Agak best. Tapi pity mat. Today was supposed to go tgk wayang pukul 12.00 in the noon. Mat tak balik rumah lagi punye pasal, kenalah tunggu. we watched Jennifer's body. Bapak, quite scaryy. Tapi Megan Foxx sexy XDD. Itulah jer die punye attention. Today takde benda lain jadi. Semalam Birthday Aku.


Semalam, i went to Karangkraf. I actually know the director, a friend of mine punye father. So, went with cik izyani and Cik mariam. We borak2, gelak the whole trip. "tak kering gusi, tapi kering tekak". Arrived and waited for others. Masuk, some guy kasi ceramah. He thinks he's Harun Din. We saw a variety of stuffes there. I saw the cover for magazines coming out next month. Jumpe Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor. Took a photo with him. habis trip. We(me, mat,nas,nicky and two cik's) went to P.A.S. to buy some kain. They blanje makan. During the return journey, laughter is always heard in the car. Well that's all folks. Xd


Monday, November 9, 2009

34th Post :D

Today started of with me getting up late. Loceng x bunyi. So, woke up took a shower and siap2. Mintak tolong mum hantar :D. Sampai sekolah, went trus ke bilik disiplin to "check in". After that, opened the grills. Then took care of the gate. went in to class for just half a minute. Went down to the dewan.

At exactly 9.00 a.m. the bus which will bring us to LIMKOKWING University Of Creative Technology arrives. I got a one man seat Wooohhooo :DD. So, it took an hour+ too reach Cyberjaya. Upon arriving, We were greeted by the counselors kowt. They were cantik XDD. They divide us into ttwo groups. We were taken for a tour of the whole campus. It was quite big and cool. There are alot of cultural unitylah.

This guy, macam humanitarian kowt. Negera mane tah die pegi and dapat some award. Sure penuh bilik diekan XD.

So, skrang at home. Nothing to do :DD Cheerio

Khairul aiman

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Simplicity IS The Best Policy ;{>

Hey everyone, it has been awhile since I wrote on this blog. Just arrive from Kem Ibadah in Hulu Langat. it really made me realise what have I done all this while. Kay, let's start at school. I arrived and checked in with ustazah. Then we waited for a whole 2 ours for the bus. At last, at 4.30 we berangkat ti the campsite. I've been there once during last years kem pengawas.

Upon arriving at the site, a lot had change. We were greeted with a warm smile from tuan Nizam. He had not change a bit. A taklimat was given. He had asked for anyone who brought along rokok to hand it down. After that a spotcheck was carried on. Three people kantoi rokok, then tuan Nizam was so angry. Mulalah agenda lepas geram. Haziq also was among them, though he had bring a no gas lighter. Tuan Nizam asked him" Lighter kalau takde gas panggil ape? Babi?". All of usw anted to laugh to that, but mase tuh org tengah fiery.

The next day we went for jungle trekking. As i remembered, last year was soo long and it took almost 3 hours. But, mase tuh was about an hour walk. We played at the river, was damn cold. I was very alert as takut kena hantuk kat batu lagi -.-". Thank god nothing critical happened. After Zuhur prayer a simple briefing on a game called Hijrahku/explorace style game. We started off eating bawang, drinking kunyit, sitting in the river.

After that, we continued with obstacle challenge. It was the toughest for our team as Izzuddin needed a lot off help at start. In the end we were the FIRST team to finish. That night there was a slot on Rasulullah S.A.W. It really touched me deeply. Well that night we all slept soundly XD

Morning dawned early, we all woke up for Qiamullail. Some fell asleep during it. After that there was our last kuliah subuh. Another cergas2 activity. After breakfast, Tuan Mahadzir cakap"semua budak2 sekolah menengah tunggu sebentar". We were told by Ustaz Khalid that we are gonna learn how to kafankan mayat.

It was an interesting slot. Alif was our model. Firstly, get a 62 inch of cotton white cloth. then, measure the length of the deceased. Cut three equal length cloths. Then put the body on the cloth and wrap it layer by layer.

Then, it was closing ceremony already. My team which concludes of: Me, Mat, Izzuddin, Mat Nor, Irsyad, Arep, Ali, Haziq, Zamir and Sulhi won "Kumpulan Terbaik". After lunch with the facis and tuans, we went home to Kelana jaya. Alot had been learned and memories to be cherished. Cds are copied and given to all who paid. XD

That's All Folks,


Monday, October 19, 2009

Fuwh :X

So, hari bermula pada jam 11.00 am..
Aku bgn tidor. Sakit kpale kowt, tulah tdo lambat XD. Then, borak2 pastu mandi.
Siap ke s.p. Haih, model aku tak siap2 lagi nieh.. Markernyer sudah habis dong.
Check income ade tak..

Jam 1230 tghhari:menuggu kelibat rakan2 dibawah jejantas kat post office. Memang janji kaw. Call punye call, sorang sampai pukul 100 ptg. Lagi due org, half and hor kemudian tibe. Plan disana, mat nak cari baju,epul cari kasut,nas masih mencari2,aku mencari marker :DD

Jam 400 ptg, barang aku check. Epul plak masih blum puas mencari2 kasut. Mat blum jumpe bajunya XD. In the end settle jgak kul 600 ptg. Hantar plak hadiah kat amalin. Then sampailah dirumah.

Status kewangan sudah low XP. Insyaallah dpt income in about 24 days

Afro Sergeant

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Fuwh, it has been 5 days after P.M.R. and there were exactly more than 5 open house yg telah diadekan. Now, I'm into doing my models :DD. Before the exam, I had not much time to do so, now I have plenty of time. Been really wanting to go see a movie with kawan2. Skrang no movie yg best. This upcoming saturday am going to go back to Seri Menanti for the first time. There's some pertabalan thingie, so I've got the chance to go.

Well thats all :DD



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Countdown To The End

Hye everyone,

So sorry dah lame tak update. Been busy studying and rayaing. Well, next to all form 3 across Malaysia, wishing you guys the bests for PMR(me too). Today, nothing happened as usual. Was kh and agama pra paper. To my suprise I got 70% for agama and 67% for kh. Yesterday I've forgotten that there were a KH paper.
Tomorrow is Sejarah and Geografi paper. This coming saturday aand sunday, ade open house. Surely I would go. Like what Puan Indra said: three days before PMR don't read any books, go for a movie or shopping. But, no pc.. :DD


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Posto.. Posto

To all form 3's, good luck tomorrow. Hari Terbuka 2: The Dead End premier at 8.00 am till 10.00 am only at Dewan SMK Kelana Jaya.

Khairul Aiman

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hai everyone,

It's been a whiloe since i updated the blog. A lot off things happened( i mean it). Been away for a long time due to studies. trial is just around the corner man. :D This coming friday, the first trial paper is pendidikan Islam which technically is quite hard if you don't know the facts XD.

I don't know why today there are alot off bad stuff happenig. Puan Khor mengamuk today. She was really angry, she stopped teaching the last topic in our syllabus. that's not bad enough, she said that if we can't answer about speed, velocity and stuff... no bonus marks. come on 3 Amanah, why cant we just diam, kejap jer pown. now, a handful off teacher's are pissed off with our grade's and attitudes.

Sivics was a live saver. We cooked in the bilik ERT. A lot off stressed been release by this. We ate lunch together as one class. the food was delicious everyone :DD Credit's to my team for a scrumptious nasi goreng...... whatever the name is. This saturday is Hari Kokurikulum. Susah owh.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hai everyone. Foawh, yesterday ws sooo tired. I was on duty, but second shift. A lot off drama happened everywhere in the school. Tengok this class ader parents menangis. That class, ader parents marah2. Seramlah satu badan menunggu my turn. Mama supposed to come by 12.00 but sampai 1.10 tak sampai2. That means selamatlah kejap. Sampai rumah, masuk bilik mandi. Then mama call. She cakap: Aiman, asal markah teruk sangat?. Saya menjawab: Entah, banyak sangat main kot. Bile mama sampai? Tak nampak pown XD. She continued: Mama arrived at 1.20. Jumpe Puan Indra. No computer for you.... so on. but yang paling shocking, she met Puan Indra. Man, sure she bantai me terok2 XP. Well, dah buat salah mengaku jerlah. New target: 5A for trials.


Khairul Aiman

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ha! Besoklah Tuh :D

Woah, hari ni kurang stress kowt. Tak tau mengapa. Pagi tadi, waktu sejarah kena lecture pasal kerja kursus. Haih, bendenyer kecil jer bukan besar mane sangat. Kh, Puan abidah tak datang lagi. Tak tau mengapa dan kenapa dia tak hadir. Projek elektrik masih berjalan dengan progressivenyer. English, thank god hari nie Puan Aziah tak marah. Look's like kalau die masuk mesti ader jer comments2 yang tidak bagus untuk didengar XD

Besok sekolah, so everyone. Bersedia.

Khairul Aiman

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh God!!

Dah lama kowt tak update blog ini :DD. Tapi, tgah updatelah ni. Seminggu telah saya mengisi otak dengan perkataan baru di Kem Kaedah Mokhdar di Rawang. First time dengar nama tempat tuh, tak mau pergi. First, bosan. Second, baik aku pi jalan2 dgn member. Pada pagi sabtu minggu lepas, berbekalkan semangat nak belajar aku pun pergilah. Sampai jer kat sana, masuk die punye bangunan, dah hilang semangat. Bangunan macam terbiar, management tak cekap and all that stuff. But, the air condition unit memang okaylah. The guy, Encik Mokhtar is good tapi selalu buat lawak bodoh. Die memang bapak punye laju bab menghafal nombor. Aku seorang jer yang datang dari Kelana Jaya.

Makanan die agak okay. Toilet die boleh dilabelkan sebagai bersih. Bab kawan tuh kurang lagi arr. Ade sorang mamat dari J.B. jadi bedmate. Name die Ilyaz tapi dipanggil JB. First day belajar, bapak arr macam budak2 kecik. Sifir2 kene hafal dengan cara pendek. 1=Tu bukan satu lagi. Subuh tadi dah malu, baju tuck in kena panggil P. Ramlee :DD. Sejak that incident name aku dari Aiman jadi Ramlee.

Takde benda sangat kat sana. 7 eleven, kedai runcit tuh ader lah. Faci dieorg agak bagus as they memang sporting and pandai mengajar. Especially abg cham, anak Encik Mokhtar. Die ajar masuk jadi baka otak. Kiteorg dah pandai bwat kod, tu yang best. IC number aku ader maksud. so anyone who wants to hear, approach me anytime. :DD

Malam Kebudayaan die paling nak pecah perut. Last day tuh, belajar for the last time dengan kawan2 yang datang from all across Malaysia. Malam tuh lepas M.K. projek bermula. Kena budak2 yang tido awal dengan Colgate. Aku yang pi kenakan orang, kena balik. XD

Last day, semalam sedih arr. Breaking dengan member2 baru. Aderlah gambar sikit. :

Day One :DD

Last day.
Rakan2 ini datang dari seluruh Semenanjung Malaysia.

8irul i56 b6 8irul62r.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today, started off with a morning off special events :D. Hari Guru was celebrate for the teachers by the students :). This picture is about some James Bond wannabe named Cikgu Fairuz. My hero :D. The events today started with a short speech by Puan Norha. Then, a very interactive speech by En. Kamarul, YDP. He can reach into the soul of youngsters. Don't believe me? Ask him. Then a choir by beloved teachers and was leaded by James Bond. his voice quite good. Students peformance were also good.

After the peformace, teacher's "tukar baju" for the Fanciest Dress award. I have some of the pictures here :

Ratu Discipline

Pn Tham

The Doctor and The Devil Wears Black

Pn Rafidah and Pn Aziah

Sarawakian Dancer

Pn Chong

KH Teacher In Punjabi Suit

Pn Abidah Hanim

Two Of a Kind

Pn Rajoo and Pn Khoo

Tauke Butik Pengantin

Cik Shaliza Atikah aka HoneySha

Last but not least( i think).The gorgeous Pengetua Of Smk Kelana Jaya....

Fairy God Teacher

Pn Norha :DD

Time passes like light. A teacher amazing race with no teaching was held. My team won. The team consist of Pn Norita, Ustazah Azliyah, Ustazah Azlina, Pn Rafizah, Pn Norhayati, Cik Salina. Well, thats all. Pn Indra tak datang kowt. Haih, baru nak feeling giving her the present.

Petang tadi pergi jam, gambar not clear. Ade progress jugak are Silent Figura. As their manager, mestilah berusaha membangunkan mereka. :DD

Sekian saja, Chow Dulu..
Khairul Aiman
Silent Figura.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Relax.. Take It Easy

Congrats everyone. For a week of examination. But it's not over. Pmr on the corner. So, everybody startla reading again. Today's paper quite easy except for agama. Woah memang kaw punye. Luckly pn. Ratna tak masuk. Kalau tak, faillah :DD.
English was easy. Science was the worst. Pn. Indra said a big number dapat bad for science.

Okay, no more exam till august. Tomorrow is Hari Guru. Bringing camera to take pictures. A new rule is now, if want to bring camera get permission from Pn Tham. Whatahell? That's not good. Previous years were easy as no "slip kebenaran" is needed. Today, not going anywhere. Very2 tired though. A number off times I slept during exam. Hmm, the old eyes can't hold on any longer. Wha to do? Have a nice and relaxing two weeks everyone :DD


Khairul Aiman

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Huh, What a day

Today, like any other day was fine. It started off with me forgeting to pasan alarm. Bangun straight to the toilet. Mandi, solat and went off to school. Mak Tasha interviewed us for some stuffla. Me and nicky were last due to lack off time. Pjk was sooo sweaty( i mean it). The baju tuh like blh nampak that i'm badly sweating. Kh, thank god that I'm done with the project. BM: Puan Norita absent again, I dunno why is she always tak hadir. Math: Normal and Typical. Agama: Ujian. B.I. teach, will not be around till our exam day.

Dad is going off this saturday nite to somewhere near Russia for work. Am really hoping to see Angel's and Demon with mum (First Class kowt). Starting on a diet, tapi dunno jalan tak....

After school, ada kursus pengawas at the dewan. It was fun and no BORING, LONG TALK :DD. The spokeperson knows how to take everyone's heart to hear him talk. Was Leader for the group 4. The activity was quite funny. My group ade bwat error. Sebatan pokok yang BERCABANG dua. Quite alot off groups yang salah there :DD Whatever it is, we had a great time. Malam got tuisyen. So Bye2

Khairul Aiman

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Foawh, it's been a long while that i never updating this piece of memoirs :DD Today went quite well. No seni today, but a very tiring three periods of geog. Imagine, sitting down with cik koh XD. But, at least she did teach us something. Kelas tambahan was good. Puan Rohana is a very supporting teacher. "3 amanah tak ramai pown datang." she said. Well today no tuisyen coz mr hamzah is undergoing an surgey. Get well soon mr. botak :DD.

Yesterday went to KL tower. It's been a while not landing my foot there. Went to the seri angkasa restaurant up at the 100 ft off the ground. the food was quite okay. The price is also reasonable. Was thinking to ask Raja about helding our jamuan there. :DD Wouldn't that bee a memoir?

Mid Years are around the corner. Everybody, sharpen your pencil anf your brain for a 10 day of paper and OMR papers :DD

Well thats all for today,

your fat writer from kelana jaya,
Khairul Aiman Khairulanwar

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hari ini?

Fuh, hari ini berjalan dengan yang teramatlah lancar. Pagi tadi, ade budak kene pukul dengan some gangster. Aku tak tau betul ke tak. Then, tengah "shiok" belajar agama, ade latihan perbarisan PANGLIMA. Dieorang kasi tau ade praktis petang. Wwaitt, aku ade installation untuk Interact. Takpelah, tengah tengok bendahara ke temenggung praktis, Tham sampai. Lintang pukang orang lari. Ade jugak yang berani menjerit THAM!!! XD. Dah selesai, balik kelas, cikgu pulak tak datang. Wun tanya pasal nama band. Kiteorg pikir punyer pikir. Maka terhasillah sebuah nama yang bermakna bagi kite. :DD Aku lupelah namanya. dancing yang telah lama diusahakan berjaya. Rugi Epul takde. Chill jer Epul :DD. Malam kang bertuition. Esok hari sukan. Dengan penuh semangat, PANGLIMA HEBAT,SASA,POWER XD.

Yang kepenatan,
Anak Khairulanwar

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Days Of Learning

Hye everyone,

Sorry for not updating. For two days during the weekends i went for a seminar at Shah Alam Politeknik. The seminar was quite good. The subjects includes all except agama. It started yesterday, at 6 in the morning i woke up and get ready for the event. I was really tired owh. We were late to arrive due to a technical prob. Maths was fine. So was English. I met with Amir Acap. Been really a while tak jumpe die. Haih, then after rehat science was like shit. the guy was talking about the reproduction chapt. only. Very irratated about so, buat bodoh jer. Today, Bahasa melayu was great. Tukang Jahit Sauryah was a wrong sentence( that's new). Sejarah was cool. got lots and lots of graphics and sound. The guy likes indie I guess. Geografi was better than cik koh's. He gave us some important topics and "petua".

Woah, tommorow is the drama. Takut tahap takut. I'm potraying an evil father in law. I hope everyone will do their best tommorow :D So for the actor and actress, I wish u guys all the best tommorow.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh, what a day

Hye everyone :D. today was the first day for school after the holiday. Got my results for my exam. I got a 93 for math. Haha puan khor boleh quiet XD, science i got a mere 56. I dunno what happen but sumthin was wrong. Geo I got 68. Average mark ryte? Puan Rajoo said we need to record. I mean wtf man. Microphone are not "usang". Whateverlah that part. So, at 2.30 pm today we went to Grido and started recording it. It was fun as I was Director one. Scary at first, but will grow into a great show. The price for the recording is Rm160, which is mahal kowt for school-going students XD. Tapi die dah byk tolong is baik already. This is the pict from the act today:

so, until here
Khairul Aiman :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fifteenth Post

So today was my first exam for the year. It started off with bahasa melayu. Quite though for a ujian bulanan. Then we had seni after rehat. Kena draw some stuff but tak bawak the barang2. when did the tacher ask suruh bawak? Haish. english was kinda senang but ade careless (Aiman2). Already spoke with my team members about going to Melaka. Wow, jauh ryte my team going. I firstly ingat nak buat dekat Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, then had a change of mind. They all kate okay but ade yang tgk dulu. esk is agama, maths and sejarah. Math and agama is my weakest subject. So today must study late lorh. The drama is almost heading for its deadline. Headaches rising when I was to be the new director. God I need your help. Well off for today. Tomorrow will post again. See ya'll :DD

Khairul Aiman A/k Khairulanwar XD

Monday, March 2, 2009

Apabila Burung Tau Buang Sampah XD

Agak2 kalau korang baca mule, tajuk nie ape? Aku pown tak tau knape and mengape terlintas di otak aku. Hari sangat padat macam sardin. Masa balik tadi ade praktis drama. Aku telah melatih bahagian err bahagianlah. Homework hari ini memuaskan(sebenarnya mane ade homework pown :D). Kite summarieskan cerita2 hari2 yang sudah lepas.

Ahad yang merumitkan,

Pada tepat jam 8.00 pagi aku bangun and start study, sebab tengah hari tu ade latihan drama dekat kompleks polis. Pejam celik2 sudah jam 11.00, maka bersiaplah untuk agenda itu. Salam mak, moyang the trus blah. Sampai sane kene tunggu orang pulak. Iman kuat, semua sampai bergerak ke Grido Jamming Studio untuk entah buat ape sebenarnye kat situ. Dieorg tgh syok mengalunkan lagu, aku keluar lepak ngan towkay Grido tgk Chuckie. Bapak seram. Fuwh, sedang syok menonton, dapat panggilan tanye aku dimana padahal masih diGrido. Habis jamming grak makan. Nie sebenarnye bukan praktis drama tetapi melepak. Sampai Giant, bukan pergi makan tapi entah apekebenda dieorg buat. Tunjuk perasaan. Sampai rumah kene pulak meriam mak. Memang berang jer. Ape yg menyebabkan aku hantar sms itu. Entahla, mungkin darah sampai kepale dah. Malam pergi makan dkat Fend Ikan Bakar. Tamat hari ahad

Fuwh hari sabtu nie....

sabtu tuh aku jadi cameraman. Hasil2nya dibawah:

Burung niekan yg palik menarik perhatian. Ade rupe siape?

Okaylahkan untuk beginner mcm aku :DD

Khairul Aiman ;D

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sabtu Mari XD

Hm,, bile semua orang dengar hari sabtu. mesti ingat cuti punyer. hari ini tak ubah macam hari-hari lain. Pagi tadi, bangun pukul 6.30 lepas tuh tak boleh nak tidor. Siap untuk ke taekwondo. Sampai sekolah, taklah ramai orang sangat sebab today got some ceramah kepimpinan. Nasib aku tak payah pergi :D. Start taekwondo, then tgh praktis izzuddin pergi kacau michelle. Michelle kejar die pukul macam mak orang. Trademark baru michelle menjadi gelak tawa semua rakan2 dan sir XD. Taekwondo di kelana jaya ini macam kelas melawak, hahahaha. Serious man!! Balik rumah, tidor sikijap then bangun. Parents pergi mengambil moyang( yang dipertuan agung in my family) and terus bersaloon disana. Nasiblah saya berwang Call mcd, order, die hantar and makan. Semalam, bwat praktis for drama. Memang tunggang langgang owh. Tapi in the end, minum air free( sumbangan nas). Haih, pening di kepala ini sudah satu dekad tak hilang. Iman mesti kuat. Anda setuju? Sekian sahaja coretan si gemuk. Bye bye.

The Fatboy,
Khairul Aiman Son Of Khairulanwar

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hari Rabooo :DD (Bukan Rajoooo)

Today was a typical day. Start my day at 6.00 am. Get ready for school and prayed. When I arrived, I felt the relief that all my homework sudah terlaksana. Wow!! Yesyerdays hwk was like hell :DD. So, Bm started and I was late Tham nak jumpe the prefects, ohh i hate her man. Blajarlah bm until the bell goes. Fuwh, pn indra agak mengamuk owh today. She said Kena hantar buku by 9.50, Pengetua nak tgk XD.. Apelah, then rehat mannn. Sejarah started and it was the best subject for today. Geo, err mau tido :D. Math is a lot more better than dulu. Habis skolah... YEAH!!! Then, started a mesyuarat. We then agreed to go to Wun2's house tgk KAMi. Before that meet and greet session with her grandma. I have a strange feeling with old people as if I am sad seeing them like that. Makan McD oh tapi tak kenyang lagi XD kate I got a big tank of food. Well habis kami, balik rumah and now relaxing :). Malam got tuisyen meh with aiman. Tomorrow pjk :DD.

Bye Bye :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hari Selasa Yang Biasa

Today's agenda is common except today tak payah pergi latihan rumah HOORAY!!. Got work to do about the selling and promoting stuff meh. Told the cikgu with estee ade hal :DD, she cakap okay. Me and michael are team rajoo XD. We promoted and promoted sampai kering tekak. But, tak ramai yang beli. Thnx to Pn. Kem Fong for buying :DD. Then tak berjalan jugak, plan nak promote in the bilik guru. To our surprise satu orang jer cikgu there. Tapi, she also beli meh.. Try promoted to Puan Norha but sumthin else rosed up. She said: Tomorrow come and see me why i tak mau donate. Memang shocked at that time. Fuwh, then kemas and blah. Pergi bubble tea, aiman belanja bai :D. Sampai rumah, solat and on and blog and tak tau ape lagi xD. Oh yeah, esok lawan owh rugby. Erm, under15 lawan la salle and b4, u18 lwn b4 and tak tau. Takut tahap maksimum now. Last training i didn't attend more frustrated now. Tapi, menang kalah in Gods hand. Bubye see you later

Yang Tulis Coretan Rojak,

---Khairul Aiman--

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hari Hari :DD

Bangun pagi nie dah tak macam pagi. Haih, sebab malam semalam khusyuk membuat model gundam :DD. Hasil yg tidak memuaskan tapi i'm an amatuer jer. Mandi2, makan tengah pagi and bermulalah studying. Semalam macam2 jadi. Jadi, Mari kita lihat synopsis semalam hari:

Bermula pada jam 6.55 pagi. Bangun then tertidur balik. Ape boleh buat. Tetibe jer, teringat hari ini TAEKWONDO. Terus mcm f1 mandi, siap dan berangkat ke skolah. Rzeki menyebelahi aku, harinie kurang pukulan nyamuk sir :X. Balik, mandi, study. Jam menunjuk pukul 12.00, siap nak ke kenduri syamimi. Tunggu punye tunggu, din lambat. Ape boleh buat dong. Sampai umah kenduri, jumpe plak cikgu2. Mcm cikgu aku jumpe, Pn. Noridah cukup terperanjat, die kate aku dah tinggi ;DD. Marina Chin pown datang. Wow, live appearance. Tapi, yg lawak masa ustzh. azlina ckap ngan die. Din ckp marina cam hantu galah. Din2 :D.

Setelah penat menjamu makanan, berangkatlah kami ke rumah nas. Lepak agak lama disana. Jumpe ramai giler kerabat diraja nas XD. Makan lagi owh. Dekat2 lauk die. Satu pepatah khairul, Rezeki dah tunggu, jomlah serbu!!
. sepatutnyer ader ragbi, tapi cikgu fairuz kata takde. Bersabar jerlah. Bersambung lepak kat umah nas. Die bwat magic FWAH!!. Then, pergi umah epul tgk citer korea. :DD Khusyuk owh wun2 ngan geng makcik2 XD. Habis semua benda terus balik. Tidor .


Yang Ter"Benar"
Khairulanwar punye anak :DD

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bangun Di pagi Hari :D

Hari ini bermula macam biasa. Jam 6.30 pagi sudah bangun siap utk taekwondo. Tapi lambat jugak sebab bapak siap lambat giler. Sampai sampai sane nasib ade yg lambat. Training hari ini agak macam biasa kecuali waktu warm up tuh. Macam halangan. Mula2 kena lari, push up, sit up, balancing,hyper(macam dugong :D) and macam2 lagi. Start jer dah ade buat salah(haih khairul2), jadi kenalah bantam dgn sir. Tapi in the end memang akan ade satu sesi ketawa. Habis tuwh lepak dgan mak cik kantin. Dapat makan free keropok :D. Balik tumpang izzuddin. Memang sempit. Macam sardine dalam tin. Sampai rumah, mandi and tolong nenek lap tingkap. Siap tuwh buat some revision and sekarang nak siap pergi rugb. Kate masuk under 15, so kene kuat training :D. Malam kang mungkin ade bbq. Tapi masih unknownlah kesahihannya. Sekian tamat :DD

Yang "Rajin",
-Khairul Aiman-

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feywh, Satu Hari yang memenatkan xD

Alkisah, hari ini dimulakan pada jam 6.00 pagi tadi, bangun mandi dan get ready for school. Harinie dah pasang niat untuk masuk awal utk pjk. Last week dah kena 'makan' dengan cikgu ananda. So bile sampai skolah, tunggu2. Terjumpe izzuddin dan mulalah buka conversation. Then, din pegi jumpa ustazah azlina, die heret aku tolong tapi aku ikhlas. Smpai bilik guru, susun buku2 tuh. Turun pergi beratur. kene panggil meeting pengawas. Ade hal pulak. Belajar kh. Lari waktu pjk. Waktu kemuncak hari ini ialah waktu SEJARAH ;D. Puan Rajoo jejak jer kaki dlm kelas 3a, penghuninya dengan bersemangat memberi selamat. Tetapi, masa tak mengizinkan die mengajar lama2. Haih, skip sampai penghujung waktu, masa science. Aku ngan nicky duduk depan. maen2 dengan transparent tuh. Hahah. Siap jer hwk die mengajar cara2 nak kuatkan kaki :DD SALUTE PUAN INDRA. Habis jer skolah gerak bubble tea. dah macam tiap2 hari pergi plak. Duit dalam dompet terbakar macam tuh jer. Saving khairul saving.... Balik jalan kaki dengan aiman z. Kiteorg tinggal agak dekat owh. Tapi esk balik sorang2lah kowt. Aiman pergi Bali. Jadi sampai sini jer kowt kisah pendek ini :D

Orang yang melauhkan idea2nya yg sewel :D
--Khairul Aiman--

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hari Ahad Yang Moderate ;D

Hari ini bermula pada jam 8.00 am. Waked up early pergi rugby. Belajar tackling dari pagi sampai pukul 10.00 am. Sakitnyer memanglah, tetapi inilah cara rugby supposed to feel. Lepastu tunggu my father dengan din. Balik, mandi and on9 myspace. Beberapa minit yang kemudian sampailah pak lang dengan aqeel, aydin, adri (yang comel) :DD. Sebagai abang sedara yang baik, kenalah 'babysitting' budak nie. Ptg, telah dipelawa pergi giant. Tapi memang takde benda bin bosan. Bali ktau2 jer dah pukul 9.45. Tgh kemas beg and ingat nak tido awal :DD Jadi tamat satu hari yang biasa. Sekian

Yang tulis ini blog,
---Khairul aiman--- :DD Good Nyte everyone

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hari Sabtu

Hari ini ade meeting utk unit beruniform. Tadi kat taekwondo, first time ramai daripada thn2 dulu. Rauf ngan Elton join skali, jadi adelah kawan. Hakikatnye nanti pertengahan tahun tinggal segelintir org jer. Yang lain entah pupus ditelan waktu. Ade pangkatla nie jadi naib bendahari. Tapi kang takde bende nak dikutip. Berita yang alamak terlamapu baik is puan Tham dah tak jage kiteorg lagi. Hooray2, takde lagi pening kepala. So, today kang kul 3 is ragbi. Then tak taulah mane my parents nak bawak.

Kite ulang kisah hari jumaat. First time cikgu geo masuk. Suara die memang lawak. Tapi perlahan tu jerw. Sejarah entah kemana rajoo mengajar. Hwk pown agak merapu skit. math ade banyak juga hwk, nanti kene bwat. sivik tak belajar. kiteorg maen lastik lipas. Balik tuwh mandi cpt2 pergi berangkat ke solat jumaat. Nampak accident tuh.. Live :DD Then balik rumah ulaangkaji and tidor petang .
Takde bende sgtla.

Simplekan blog ini?

Tukang tulis

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hari kedua sekolahing

Hari nie takde bda baru kat skolah, macam biasa jer. Pagi tadi bangun cukup awal pown lupe makan sarapan... Aiman2. Buku teks geo plak hilang nie memang sakitkan hati jer... Belajar hari ini amat sedikit kerana ade macam2 perihal berlaku... Today mesyuarat agong kelab2 dkat skolah. Dahla macam takde bende boleh tolong, bosan pown bosan jugak xD. Dugaan seterusnya kene pergi buat "report" kat pn rajoola. Haih.. mcm2 bende die tanye, ape boleh buat jawab jelah. PMD thun ni paling bosan. Dah tak rupa pmd.. Boleh baling2 kertas. Bising takyah tanye arr. Sampai rumah plak kene marah ngan nenek. Aduhmak, terus masuk bilik dan tidor kjap and study lerh lpas nie nmpaknyer :D

Dah habis daaa... Simplekan?