Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hai everyone,

It's been a whiloe since i updated the blog. A lot off things happened( i mean it). Been away for a long time due to studies. trial is just around the corner man. :D This coming friday, the first trial paper is pendidikan Islam which technically is quite hard if you don't know the facts XD.

I don't know why today there are alot off bad stuff happenig. Puan Khor mengamuk today. She was really angry, she stopped teaching the last topic in our syllabus. that's not bad enough, she said that if we can't answer about speed, velocity and stuff... no bonus marks. come on 3 Amanah, why cant we just diam, kejap jer pown. now, a handful off teacher's are pissed off with our grade's and attitudes.

Sivics was a live saver. We cooked in the bilik ERT. A lot off stressed been release by this. We ate lunch together as one class. the food was delicious everyone :DD Credit's to my team for a scrumptious nasi goreng...... whatever the name is. This saturday is Hari Kokurikulum. Susah owh.