Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is It Ending Time?

Good Evening everyone :D

So, how's your holiday coming on eh? There's a whole week to spent for boarding schoolees wiht friends family and loved ones, enn? The date today is 20th March everybody. Which means, maybe ader yg on their way back to school. Thank God I'm quite in the middle. Not far from home. The whole week is filled with sweat dropping activities: Wayang2, Rumah Aiman, Book Fair :p.
Really tiring though. Yesterday was the most tiring event. Book Fair. Walked through the whole PWTC just to get a number of books je.

This Book Fair is mainly bout Islamic books based on what I seen and saw ;l. there were booth's from the Mufti of Brunei,Iranian stuff and Egyptian stuff :D. Bought some reference book and one book about the Freemason stuff. It looks kinda cool though.

Well, here's mostly everything. Evening agenda: Putrajaya everybody. Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. See you till then. 26th March I will be around :P


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Part 2 :)

Hey everyone. I've found the pictures for the "khemah" of every house during Sports Day :D Here you go :

The first house is the Green House.
Based on a mosque I presumed.

Now, we have my house, Winner Of 2010
Rumah Blue :). We conitnue to the next house

The Cavaliers Black House.

Rumah Merah's camping site :)

Rumah Putih punye. Last but not least is

Rumah Kuning :)

Well, thats almost of every house. See you all later :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

It Has Been Foretold


A very splendid to all of you out there,

It has been a long while since I scrible on this blog. Been very busy. Yes, my Sports Day dah habis. My house won for the architecture of khemah. It's a little STAR tradition since the 90's, where every member of the house is needed to decorate their khemah. The team defers from year to year. I'll try to search for a perfect view of it later. I've also won a bronze medal for tarik tali event :P.

The holidays are here. It's quite boringla. No life in it anymore. Guess that's for now. See you guys in a short millenia :)