Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Big Question

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

Praise God that all the Malaysians involved with the Freedom flotilla is safe and sound. Technically, the flotilla never completed their mission in supplying food and meds to the people in the strip of Gaza. 

Thats that, now. Where in the world is the United Nations, European Union and all major powers in the blue planet. Why are there no ACTIONS towards the Israeli military for attacking a non-armed vessel. Then, these animals could say to the world that they are mistreated and there is  is injustice towards them.

They would never realise that they were the one who brought injustice towards the Palestinians. First, they stole these innocent peoples land and created A high-rising wall. Then, they took their lives by labeling them as terrorist. What did the do the Jews anyways. Once, accord. to a book while Muslims were praying the Military storms right in and shoots the harmless people. Come on, they are prayinglah. The head of the assalut was the former premier of Israel Ariel Sharon. 

By writing this I hope everyone out there is aware on what has these cruel and inhuman animals done towards anyone. 

Kimok II

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Delaying my entry on the freedom flotilla incident later due to snow storm here in Kelana Jaya :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wake Up People


Hey, I has been awhile since I wrote here. NOW! Through your clever brain, what conclusion can you propose from this little picture up here. You can CLEARLY see that these Palestinian children are being brutally harrased by IDF. These is not the first time in TV we hear bout Israelis cruelty towards Palestinians. Can you imagine being dragged like this? Sakit right. I wonder why are these young and innocent children are being push around like slaves.

Lets lend a helping hand pray for them. The MV Rachel Corrie is towed towards Ashdod due to the inhumane acts of The goverment of Benjamin Nethayanu and Obama.

To be continued