Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of Food And Bazaar Ramadhan

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

It has been 5 days since my short term holiday. SIGH, nak balik STAR dah. Well, gotta go jugak right? So, it's gonna be my first time puasa-ing in a new environment. Hoping that the school admin. is gonna free us to go to the bazaar and buy some FOOD. I'd never missed going to the bazaar and just loitter around and buy drinks which I think was superb. Not gonna taste any lemon blue drink. 

Tomorrow is gonna be my big day. I am entering the 5TH Taekwondo Poomsae competition. Yes, sudah terlampau lama saya berdiam diri :DDD

Well, A champion kena cukup tidur. SALUTE :P

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Fresh New Me :D

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

It has been a long2 period of time since I scribble something on my memoir. 
YES! I'm finally home for a little break I guess. Hoki SBP peringkat kebangsaan 2010. STAR is host for the event. There were many event happened during this month. Starting off with STAROBA 8690 OLDBOYS WEEKEND. I'm searching for the logo. Just a moment :D

There we go. Brotherhoood. All the pictures during this events are located at yours truly punya facebook :). So, dad stayed in STAR, in my DORM. Imagine and old2boy(sorry dad) sleepng in a present boys dorm. He said it was fine. He was very friendly with all of them.

Here, the second agenda. My modus operandi: Final Striking STAR. We lost 4-0. Macam Argentina rite2. Well, nevermind that. Atleast they were happy with second placing. Though, first place is much more shinier :D. Another memoir:

Nice job BOYS :DD

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Working Haard

Hey everyone. Whats up and how are you? I am quite healthy at moment minus the cold :D. It has been a busy week. I have to pass in an essay for the AKEGARASU HAYA prize thingy. The topic was quite easy. How my mother is important to me. Yes, it looks easy. It needs to be in within 2 pages -____-" plus 2.0 spacing. Not to mention size 14 font. I mean why is it so big and spacious. Really narrows my essay. Only can put tiny bits of my mother punya personal characteristic. NEXT there is the Striking Star tourney going on. Am being the team manager for Blue house as the form 5 are busy. I just talked to dad about the jersey and stuff. He said he wanted to help but I specificly said to him: IF CAN FIND SOME PURE BLUE OLD BOYS. Ive been wondering where in the world are my houses old boys. I only knew Thaqifs dad and Amins dad. I really envy Black house. They are the lucky ones. Having a supporting old boys. 
got to go Chiao