Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Muse-ic :)

from the desk of klauzJR,

dear readers, how are you? hope you are at the best of health and best of day. Yeah, I've passed my QTI or JPJ pretest. It was maniac though. Really, I thought of it just like JPJ itself. Imagine arriving in the morning worried sick. Then, when I pass, I was over the clouds. Haha, baru JPJ dah macam dapat P.

Back to the headline. I'm a fan of British band MUSE. Yeap, it was a sensation back when I was at school. It's like AC/DC of 20th century. I knew Muse back in 2007 where the first song I heard was TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

Then, I expand my song list deeper. And then I was introduced to its members by HAFIDZ SHAFIEE. He's the only guy I know that can play a lot of MUSE. 

One of my favourite is City Of Delusion. Really a good and meaningful song.\

Here's the lyric:

Stay away from me
Build a fortress
And shield your beliefs
Touch the divine
As we fall in line

Can I believe
When I don't trust
All your theories
Turn to dust
I choose to hide
From the all seeing eye

Destroy this City of Delusion
Break these walls down
I will avenge
Justify my reasons
With your blood

You'll not rest
Settle for less
Until you guzzle
And squander what's left
Do not deny
That you live and let die

Destroy this City of Delusion
Break these walls down
I will avenge
Justify my reasons
With your blood

Destroy this City of Delusion
Break these walls down
I will avenge
Justify my reasons
With your blood

go find the song on Youtube :)

bst rgrds,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Worth the agony

from the desk of klauzJR,

Hey everyone. How's everything. Hope to be at the best of health. Health is important to us. So, I would like to share a very good activity to get yourself running. Today I went for a futsal event with fellow Virilionian :D It was like a mini-mini reunion. 

List Of Attendee's 
Khairul Aiman
Najmi Haris
Aiman Azman
Luqman Borhan
Syamil Ali
Hafiz Rahman
Ajmal Faiz
Megat Azim
Aiman Imran
Thaqif Tamunif

Ok, here's how our day went. We promised to kick off at 900 am. Tetapi, Malays are always late. Some of them. We ended up starting at 1100 am. Imagine the 2 hours used up just for waiting. We used the time to catch up among ourselves. The conversation was like we've lost contact for almost 20 years :) 

Aiman Azman had passed his JPJ test. So, he brought along his brand new Chevy Aveo. It was kinda sleek.

So we played for approximately one hour. It was really tiring. If it were at school, tired was not in the vocabulary book. This are the side effects of leaving school. If you don't maintain your fitness, it will go away~~.

After futsal, we went off to have brunch. It was really delicious as we were really damn hungry. We did not waste our time at the mamak stall. Head off to AMPANG POINT. It's kinda new to me as I rarely go there. Some of them played bowling. I am not fit to go on with the sport. Laid off and went to see whats around Ampang Point. 

After the session is over, we head off home. Kiwak sent us to the nearest LRT station. While cruising, a cab tried to change lane. He did not put the signals on. Kiwak stopped the car and a Land Rover hit the back of his car. It was like all the fault is on the cab driver. 

Ended the day with a cramped leg and aching back :D


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Pondok Muhibbah

from the desk of klauzJR

A little something for PLKN goer AFIFUDDIN GHAZAT

He's name is Afifuddin Ghazat.
PLKN goer at Melaka(somewhere)
a fanatics of British Indie Band
his nikon went into a river
a famous guitarist (chaee)
not very good with jokes :)

member of green house and


Bila nak lepak bro 
nak kasi birthday present, though tak beli apa apa lagi pun :)

ENJOY 8.2.2012 there without the CHEM LAB society

Picture time:


best regards