Saturday, August 28, 2010

DEAR Ramadhan,

Hey everyone,

Hope you guys are fasting enough :D. I am home with Faizul (dorm mate) along. Since he is not going back to JB for Nuzul AlQuran, I invited him over. We've walked more than 20 km here back in Kelana Jaya. Dah pergi Subang Parade on the first day. Bought a sweater, a nice looking t-shirt and Faizul bought a t-shirt. Then late that night, went over to tok chu's burger stall. Ate burgers till 12.00 am. chat and helped him out. Was quite fun though :D

Today ke the Curve pula. Tgk wayang :DD

Esok balik -___-"

Cheerio :) Buka Puasa

Saturday, August 7, 2010

57 and counting :DDD

From The Desk of Khairul Aiman,

Dear all, how are you. I've just finished my ujian selaras dua. It was a very hectic week. Full off emotional actions of despair. Nah, none of those happened anyways. It was boring. Every saturdays ada sekolah ganti. Today was awesome. Started off with BM. Did my second oral. Forum with the house discussing: PERKAHWINAN BAWAH UMUR. Yes, it is a matured off topic. Yet, it was a blast. There lots off laughter from both Puan Kamariah and members of the floor :P. Our team menbers did all the work in just half of a quarter hours. Weirdkan, still the oral went well.

I miss Kelana Jaya, the school I used to go, the friends, atmosphere, all of it. Sigh, I wished I could just go and visit them in SMKKJ :DD. Heard from Sulhi that Puan Norha is transferred to Sungai Buloh. -____-" not a good sound. I hope she could try to decline the offer.

Till then,

Khairul Aiman