Monday, September 6, 2010

Number 59

From The Desk of Khairul Aiman,

Hello all of you readers. How is your Ramadhan going. Your Raya preparations are ready? It's been a boring three days back at home. Nothing much to do. Homeworks are getting heavier and heavier. Maths: Success finish alll.... Imagine not finishing it -___-. Chemistry, another problem. There's the Nilam book to be completed and2 a 20 page report. Its actually a PEKA assignment. 

Skipping the boring books. I've road on the new ETS train system. It's technically an alternative as I hate to be stucked in a jam :P. So the ride only was for 2 hours. Was quite cool riding. Being among the passengers of a brand new train. Hope is that this system last and PLEASE, dear KTMB do make the fare a little cheaper. STARIANS dont have money especially at the beginnig of a holiday. TRUE what!!

Tomorrow I'm going out for Iftar at the local GIANT mall. Hope it doesn't rain like today :)

With that I conclude my speech 
K. Hitla