Monday, June 6, 2011

my enemy, the stairs

From the desk of :D,

Today is a smooth day :D . Woke up at 10.00 am today and went to SHAH ALAM MARKET. It went well alright though very HOT. Bought my MANCHESTER UNITED jerswey. Sigh, it's a little outdated as the seasons over. The new line of jersey hasn't arrived.

Later that night, went to watch Kungfu Panda 2 :D It was tremendously AWESOME!!  Here is soem of the new characters :D :


This albino peacock is the main  antagonist . Lord Shen. He is a weapons creator. Created the weapon now known as cannon. Killed many people with that cannon. In the end is killed by Po and squished to death by his own cannon

 This picture really did touched me. It was a photo of Po and his adopted father :D He was CUtE back then :DD

His story was so sad that i nearly cried. This story is worth watching :D 

Friday, June 3, 2011

weirdly why?

From ROOM 202 Desa Lagoon Resort, Port Dickson

At last. I arrive home yesterday. Riding the 2.30 Plusliner bus home. It's really relaxing to come back after stressing like hell at school. Been to the beach earlier today

T'was super hot today. After riding AIRHEADS, went straight back home :D It was a scary and absolutely fun ride. I'll find a picture of yours truly riding on one of these float giants.
Lunch today was a large pot of steam shrimp from the local "PASAR"Well done and kudos to nenek and mum for preparing this scrumptious cuisine. Though it clearly said- NO COOKING IN THE ROOM! hahhaha. 

Homework is waiting for me at home. SIgH, Physics please don't disappoint me ;/ A lot of things troubling me nowadays. Dunno whats going on in my Central Brain :P maybe too much stress or lacking rest. So sorry Hanif Aqil for not stopping over your place. SEGAN bukan apa

These weird looking floats are the AIRHEADS. try it out :)