Friday, December 24, 2010

To Sir With Love


Hey everyone, it has been a long long time since I wrote on this blog. Sweeping the months thick dust though :P. Today I've got a very great idea. I would like to briefly tell a memoir on my favourite teacher here in STAR. Well I love History the most. Yeap, a boring subject and hard to score one. That subject is the one really fascinates me. Back to the point, back in Kelana Jaya theres a good teacher that opens the window to the world through history. Her name was Puan Rajoo.. Oh, sapa tak kenal dia! She was very-very kind to her students. I cant a photo of her. 

Thats that. Now, theres a new replacement for her here in the heart of Ipoh. He's kinda good and have her touch in his way of teaching a lame subject. Making people enjoy learning it. A veteran teacher that has recently moved due to personal reasons to SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS TAPAH. He's name is Sir Izaheri bin Mohamad Mokhtar. Here's a little memento snapshot of him with the straight a Izhar Ishak.

He is the one who inspired me untuk go on with my passion for the past :D. A very approachable guy. Funny and strict mixed together there in harmony. He'll laugh before naik baron. I myself had been scolded one by him. All about one word of disagreeing. "Berdosa kalau saya mengajar ajaran sesat kepada anak murid saya". Kena denda lagi tu... Essay on why was the Olympic game held during those days. A good laugh for the whole class after that. During recess if I met him he'll just crank up a good laugh with one of dad's teacher. OOh yeah, I've met my dads teacher. One of them did teach me. Never get below A- in her class. An avid supporter of LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. He's a very dedicated teacher to his STARIANS. After the exams, he would tayangkan movies based on history. His way of teaching is based on solid facts and movie facts :D. Apa movie yang dia tak pernah tengok, Sure updated on  the latest movies, games and all the etc :D. His best buddies are Cikgu Shahnun, Cikgu Mohamad and other cikgus :DD

One of my favourite topic to gossip around with him and the whole class is the occults as in FREEMASONS and the conspiracy types. We could for hours and hours bout it. Since there's a FREEMASONS lodge here in the heart of Kinta Valley, the stories gets its sparks. Macam2 cerita and those konspirasi things.

''Ada bran nak menghadap kertas jawapan anda''
''Salin satu bab tu balik, esok saya nak tgk''
'''Melayu mudah lupa''
and so many more meaningful quotes throughout the year. InsyaAllah cikgu akan berjaya dalam hidup dan karier cikgu di mana pun cikgu berada. All the Starians will always pray for your wellbeing. Hoping you wouldn't forget us here in STAR IPOH :) Our final memento together will be cherished forever. InsyaAllah.. :D

Best Regards,
Khairul Aiman bin Khairulanwar