Friday, May 28, 2010

Days of A Fast Food

From the Desk Of K.Aiman,

Hey all of you out there. How are you all? Hope you are at the best of health. I officially finished my mid-term exam yesterday. Our last paper was Pendidikan Islam. It was a nonstressful paper. I felt quite cheerful on that specific papers.

I am now at hme. Resting from the hackling off the dormful life. :DD A lot of people balik as it has been a month since seeing their parents. Though, another lot stayed behind to enjoy three days of free life :P. Thats how starian do with hol's. Either going to cybercafes or duduk quietly dalam dorm.

Next week, is the moment we have been waiting for. The 2 weeks holidays is here. It never crossed my mind saying: i have passed alot here in STAR. Now, I feel more secure and no more homesicking. Maybe adelah sikit2. But it is how life must go one. Rite. My electif subjects were soooo tough. Two papers are tested. Through my resource, KJ is only testing on one paper. Technically, I repeat trchnically is quite easily.

So to my KJians GAMBATE!!!!
Gegar your exam results :DD


KIMOK the second

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Big Mac

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

Hello land dwellers. It has been a long period of time that I wrote on my memoir. I, was very busy with errands. My leg is recovering from sprain due to my heroic act during handball practice. So, now I've got time. Next week there will be two main event of Year 2010. One: Teachers Day celebration. I've moved from KJ to STAR. So, I am going to see how these Starians celebrate it. Second: Mid Term Exam. Oh my god, this is the most frigtening moment in my whole life. Easily failed my add math during Selaras, I wonder what am I gonna get for this.

Put aside boring topic, now lets talk bout my life here. I am fully adapted to the environment here in STAR. From waking up to sleeping late :DD

Till then Cheerio,
K.Aiman/ big Mac