Monday, December 26, 2011


From the desk of klauzJR,

Hey people :D. Today I'm already in Taiping. Passed by Ipoh which made a thousand memories repeat itself. What a sad trip. Well no more sad story. Since a friend of mine is online, I would dedicate this post to him


What a macho figure. An idol to all RED juniors. Let's start from scratch. He's a basketball player. Played for the school team during HKSBP for I dunno two three times? He is also a very very intellectual BIOLOGY expert. Academic bureau for Red House, he lead the RED ROUSERS to a whopping triple streak of trophies. Well  actually one is only dedicated to him. The guy is also, well use to manage the RED football CLUB. Sadly, he never came down to watch it. He only came for the last match :P

LEPER is nickname. Want to know why? Ask him :) He is also what the Malay call ''pelat'' :D haha. He's also among the most wanted in the warden list for multiple fly cases and for the panjat and kantoi project during our last night together. He hails from down under, Johore Bahru. He's a heavy _____ and was severally kantoi-ed by the wardens and even Mr King himself.

He's really good in playing FIFA ONLINE. Skillful and mischievous in all kind. He always study till late at night. Being dreaming of becoming the KING. Haha. Well bro, DREAM ON as the Aerosmith song says. He was nominated for the ''berkarisma'' award during our final year dinner. He lost obviously. He has a little brother named DON. Wait I think I have a picture,

Bro, a picture for the mementos :D

and one more :D

you're not gay right? :D


bst rgrds,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

a few friend of mine once said...

From the desk of klauzJR,

Heyho everyone. Seasons greetings from yours truly. Today three more candidates shall be my blog filler :D Let's start with the first one. 


Yeap. His a legendary guy for thought, being the top student for quite a time. Never letting anyone beat him. An avid manga reader. He will find anytime to just update on the manga he's reading. He's also a talented musician. Minoring in vocal and majoring in guitar. The guy who introduce guitar to all the legends :D ESOI is his nickname. One of the most wanted person in the Warden list. A bestie of Aiman Azman whom I already wrote in the previous entries :D. He'll always ask sebat from you though he still has. Just like my theory, RULED BY SECRECY. He has a kind and golden heart. A favourite student of MR KING ENG SENG. ''Saya dah berhenti, kamu bile lagi LUqme'' a very good and classic phrase of dear MR KING to ESOI :). Never stingy with rations. He'd share everything. Comics is speciality. He has a little mini library inside his locker. A favourite spot for everyone to chill their wired minds after study :)  He's one of the guy whom like advantages. A skillful football player. Without mr ESOI, my team would succumb in defeats. He's also a DOTA fan. Want a match with him? Don't expect to win :D

We move on to my other friend, MR HAZWAN AFIQ ZULHAIMI

he's the legendary lead singer of NIGHTFALL, the batch band. He is also an avid MUSE fan. He's got 1++ songs from the unknown B SIDES album to THE RESISTANCE. The black house capitan. He's also my friend. Whenever i have ''problems'' he's always there to give solution :D Thanks for always being there. Ex-rugger playa. Still maintains his MATT BELLAMY style. The red tux and pants. :D Sometimes, MR ATAN here is very very mischievious :D. Yeap. VERY :D with crime partner monsieur BUREE and SHAKER. Their the joker of STAR :) 

WE continue with MR WAN NASRUL SyAZWAN 

there you have it everyone. A life size portrait of KACHANG :D Basketballer. Singer and Good at playing the guitar. The guy who can reach high key just like Matt Bellamy. Kacheng here used to be in the choir/nasyid group. His falsetto is greatly. He's also bad at memorizing lyrics :) Green House footballer. Was a great key player to GREEN house next to Irfan Harith, Afif Fitri and so many more. 

He has a little brother named Zakwan err forgot his last name :P A very secretive yet funny character. Branded a hotstuff by famous magazine, SBP LIFE :) was also named hottest guy alive by Perintis Tabloid :)

A little photo for the album shall we?

Somehow, I don't know why his face is like that. :) 
Here a more macho photo of my brothers

Dear guitar playing friend,
Have a splendid holidays
Have a great working experience at sushi king esoi,
maintain the great falsetto atan and nut :D

yours truly,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tribute to my dear friends and brothers

From the desk of klauzJR,

So, since sahabat baik saya Hfzrhmn telah membuat satu nukilan untuk budak batch. Here goes.

Pada satu hari yang tenang, subuh menjelang. Masih sunyi sepi blok BLUE dan BLACK yang didiami oleh pelajar tingkatan 5. Kedengaran suara Cikgu Rafaie mengejut Dorm 3 Blue. ''Bangunlah wahai orang Islam, anda sudah leka...'' dan pelbagai ayat telah digunakan beliau. Rotan tidak lekang drp mengenai tubuh saya yang tebal ini. Saya pun bangun dan melihat kiri dan kanan. ''Hafiz Rahman x bangun lagi''kataku. Ku jenguk ke pathway berkarpet. YA betul tekaan aku. Semua masih dibuai mimpi. Aku pun bangun membuka laci dan mengambil sebatang ____ dan menuju ke tandas. Terkejutnya aku melihat Hafidz, Zhonk dan Ayie sedang bersama berbual. ''Dah lama bangun bang?'' tanyaku Mereka mengangguk sahaja. Selepas selesai, aku terus ke bilik mandi dan melihat warga Virilion sudah bangun. Megat Syafiq, Khairuddin, Zulhilmi Rosli, Aiman Syahir, Faizzuddin, Nazmi, Nado, Izhar Ishak memenuhi ruang mandi. 

Sekolah pun mula seperti biasa. MEJA BERLAPAN yang didiami oleh K Aiman, Aiman Zaki,Aiman Razak,  Zakiy Zalpi, Hafidz Shafiee, Izzul Hafiz, Amin Roslan dan Hafiz Roslan mula membuat musik yang indah ditelinga cikgu cikgu. Rehat pun tiba, Aku pun mengorak langkah bersama Setiausaha aku, Najmi Haris dan beberapa kerabatku ke kantin yang terletak tidak jauh dari 5P. Tiba dikantin, queue yang panjang sudah mula terbentuk. Aiman Imran, Aiman Azman, Aizat Rozali sedang berbual. Wan Nasrul, Fariezuan, Izzat Na'im sedang menjamah makanan. Setelah puas menjamah, aku pun mengorak langkah pulang ke dorm utk ''recharge''. Memang sudah diduga, Izwan Manshawi, Azim Yusoff, Syed Ameerullah sedang enjoy bersama Zahid Yusoff. Aku dan SU segera dan pulang ke kelas. Kelas tamat. 

Pulang ke dorm setelah makan di dining hall. Aku terus ke MEJA MESYUARAT. Ahli meja ini terdiri daripada: K Aiman, Khairuddin Khalil, Hazmi Kamaruzzaman, Azim Yusof, Zahid Yusoff, Najmi Haris, Aiman Aziz, HfzRhmn, MgtAzim dan Fivers BLUE yang setia, Luqman Borhan, Aiman Azman, Izzat Na'im, Faizul Razzi, Ayie Mazlan dan Hafidz Shafiee dan Ziyad Zaini . 

Petang pun menjelma, aku menyarung boot aku nak turun ke padang untuk bermain. Kelibat Hafiz Roslan, Megat Syafiq, Ayie Mazlan, Faizul Razzi, Mawi Jauzi, Aiman Syahir, Hafidz Shafiee, Fariezuan Hamid dan ramai lagi sehingga tak muat column ini :D

Malam menjelma, rutin harian untuk meeting dibawah tangga dilaksanakan dengan sempurna :D Gelak tawa dan Jeritan sering terngia ngia. Irfan Harith melawat dorm aku bersama Adam Ramlan, Aiman Zaki dan Izzul Hafiz. Dah kalau dah lawat mesti ade smoke session :D Tepat jam 1130 malam Zahid Yusoff lelapkan mata, Izhar pun sama, Qusyairi hilang ke surau, Ameen tiba entah dari mana. Amizal Mansor dan Fadzli Rosli tidak pernah melawat dengan ikhlas, mesti ingin mengepau aku :P

Kini, rutin itu hanya menjadi memori dan kenangan yang akan dikenang sampai akhir hayat. Virilion 51 telah mengajar satu benda yang penting dalam hidup. UNITY dan BROTHERHOOD. Yeap, kedua dua benda ini sangat penting dalam hidup :D Good luck brothers in PLKN and in your life :)

An inspiration given by HfzRhmn and NjmHrs

kimok nak sebat :)

From the desk of klauzJR,

Just now I've wrote on three friends of mine. Here is a special one for MR FARIEZUAN HAMID.

He's a very dear colleague of mine. We were very close. Haha, very close :P He hails from K.L. Don't get mistaken by the kl. It's actually KUALA LIPIS. I've been to this guys humble cottage once. During the raya festive. I stayed a night over at his. It was a hell of fun and :D Swimming at night eh? 

He's a good and trustworthy friend. I evaluated him just like Simon Cowell judges THE BRITAINS GOT TALENT show. He's nickname is pwg or PEWANG. A favourite student of Puan Noridah. He'd brag all day when she compliment him :P
Oh yeah, he hates frogs :) 

Just a thought of it, he's also very rich. So the girls out there, he's available I guess. Being second makes you special eh bro? 


Seriously bro, you look GAY. HAHA

Dear PWG,

Good luck in your life,
Good luck getting your dreams of being a MD
Good luck in PLKN, Enjoy it just like you'd enjoy STAR IPOH
Don't forget all those moments :D 
Cherish it :)..
Night of your birthday was a historic moment.
Work smart and well hard :)

best wishes,

a medley of thought

From the desk of klauzJR,

Today I'm gonna scramble up a few people to my blog :)

We start off with MR IZZULFIAN ZAKER 

He hails from the turtle state of Terengganu. An avid Rugger player. He was nominated best player for the finals of MCKK 7's this year where we won the plate category. Izzu or China or Sepet is his famous nicknames among us :). He's a happy go lucky person I guess. Has a girlfriend.. Also, has a little bro name Adi Irfan.. HAHAHA. Never stingy with lados is his speciality :). VS is his business mark.

Next, we have my dear friend IZZAT NA'IM IBRAHIM :)

Yeap, ladies and gentlemen may I present to you my mate. He's a very talented person. Being able to play guitar and have a splendid voice. He is also talented in the arts of IT or computering. His nickname is POLOM :) He's a very secretive persona. Never stingy and very cheerful when in need of something. He's the brother of Zulfarhan :) hahaha POLOM is always in denial when this happens :D May GOD bless your doings everyday :D enjoy your life and PLKN though.

A picture for my personal album

Exquisitely handsome :D. Ok we move on to the next bachelor for sale :) 
May I introduce you to AIMAN AZMAN :))

look at that macho man. 

His name is AIMAN MOHAMMAD AZMAN. He's also a ROYAL BLUE HOUSE alongside me, polom, buree and apih rahman :). An avid manga reader. He's the most updated person when it comes to mangas. Salute to you my brother. He's also a cheerful and joyous person. Never being a Scrooge when it comes to sharing :). He's the TREASURER of the House. We call him KIWAK. Besties to LUQMAN. We can see him anywhere aloongside ESOI hahaha.

To my dear friends,

Enjoy your holidays. Enjoy PLKN as you enjoy STAR. Youre getting monthly allowance of 300 bucks. Use it well. Enjoy your 17 years as it won't come again. We can meet up anywhere anyhow or anythingla. Hoping you have a prosperous year ahead InsyaAllah

best rgrds,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

kimok, nak satu :)

From the desk of H.E. klauzJR,

I have been so tired today being chauffeuring Nina and Amalia to nearly everywhere. Bored. So, here is another guy I would like to introduce :) HAFIZ RAHMAN 

He is my bedmate since last year :) HE is known for a wideful of ocassion. He introduced to me Handball. He hails from the land of the 9 county. He's the kind of guy who always be at your side. A fan of err any club except Man United. Hafiz my man, my best man.

He is also good at the stringy instrument called guitar. He can play a lot of songs. He's neighbour is AMMAR HAZIQ. My junior dorm prefect. They knew each other since little kiddies. We shared a lot of different things together. We fly together, cc together, lados together and etc etc

HE is never a stingy creep. Will be sharing his stuff. Yes you name it.. Anything. Food, Shoes, Credit, Money, Lados :) hehehehe

He also have little brother just like HAFIDZ, IRFAN HARITH, NAJMI and KHAIRUDDIN. His name is mgt zlftr :)

Here is a photo for thought:

Jeng jeng jeng :D

Dear Hafiz,

Enjoy your life. Get your dream and rejoice. Never forget all of our memories together though it was short. I am always a phone call away. Remember those silly moment together. Being caught flying together :D and all of it that is really priceless. Up high in the block academic together. Enjoy UPM together with the other fast trackers. We will meet up again during the new year :)

best rgrds,


Macho is everything :P

From the desk of klauzJR,

After writing about these friends another one came through my head :P
His legacy is well known throughout the form 5 :P The name is Khairuddin Khalil.

Here is a picture of this legend:

He is a legend at playing guitar. He adores MUSE I think? Hahaha, the most talented boy in everything. His face his looks is the most. He likes playing football. Red's most valuable last men or stopper. Good at the defensive side

Khai here also have a little brother in account. His name is Mohd Iqbal bin Ramlan :d haha. I have been bothering him every moment and second just by saying KAPO! ! Khai here would just shout back and laugh. Remember Aku Bukan Tomboy bro? :D That was the WORST movie of the year. It wasted my money. But we did enjoy it right? :)

We shared alot of stuff together. He was somewhat my mentor. He also is a very very lazy bum :) Sapala nak tolong fly untuk aku was his regular phrase. 

A photo for the album bro:

Macho bhai Khai :D

Good luck for your Fast Track to UPM :)

best wishes,


legends are made from great ideas

From the desk of klauzJR,

Hey everyone. Since yesterday I wrote about Irfan Harith, Najmi Haris, Izhar Ishak today I will write about a dear friend of mine HAFIDZ SHAFIEE. 

He's a legend at playing guitars :) a good taste of music. Yeap this guy is what I call a masterpiece, Matt Bellamy of his time. Really well known for his falsetto. Not everyone can sing a high tune SHOWBIZ except him :)

An avid MUSE fan as yours truly. he adores all those hard rock music. You name it: Avenged Sevenfold, KISS, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance aand etc etc. He has a little brother named SYAFIQ IQMAL :) hahaha. Best friends with me and Bukhari Mazlan and Faizul Razzi :)

Dear brother,

Don't ever give up in anything. SPM is not the end. It's the beginning of a whole new world. Follow your instinct well. Continue spreading your music. If I'm available, we can help fulfill that dream of yours of getting the band 


best of luck,


my brotherly brother

Memoirs of H.E. klauzJR,

Hye people of the netizens. I will continue with my memoirs of starians

Today on the agenda is IRFAN HARITH :P

He's the guy up there.
Who doesn't know these miraculously mischievous person
You name it
Principal, DR Mior, Pak Ya, Pak Nahar
Wardens, Mak Cik Cafe
Mak Cik De Mailin

Back to his story. An avid Manchester United Fan. HE's my sole mate for any Manchester United games. We will be the first to show up adorning our jerseys. Remember 8-2, 1-6 to Manchester City was a total humiliation for us.
Hahaha, we even made simulations on Man Untd games agianst Chelsea
Eventually losing :P . He's also the so call playmaker for MAN Utd. He always forgets that he has a big fat manager screaming at him :)

Irfan here have something in common with Najmi and aye meself. We do illegal stuff. FLY! UNDER THE MOONLIGHT! hahaha panjat songkok and stuff is always in our daily agenda. He has TWO I repeat TWO little brothers. One, Nadhir Afiq and 2, Edin Sham Slurpee. He cares for both his little brothers ''macam adik sendiri'' as the Malay use to saylah. 

We share our ups and downs together (i guess) :D My friend here will always come for my divine advisory(CHAEE~~) for help :D Eventhough making stupid really stupid actions :D

Good Luck to you, IRFAN HARITH


oh something for the album too

Imagine our machoness in this unusual photo

yours truly,

kimok ohh kimok

From the desk of klauzJR,

Hey everyone. Today I'm gonna share another brother figure. Enjoy dear brother Izhar Ishak 

Ok here we go,

Ladies and Men out there, presenting Izhar Ishak or Ijaz or Hijazz or Ijai. He's my colleague and my dorm mate and my human alarm clock during the STAR era :). He is also a bed mate since last year. We had shared alot with each other. OH, we were also row mates too. He's a fun and hilarious person. 

Izhar is a brilliantly brilliant student of STAR. Getting great results is his modus operandi. Recalled of him being called the human brain for easily remembering tiny details of subjects. He is also good at LOVE oolala

Yes, this guy over here is good with ladies. Need help? Call him. Surely you will be fruitful :) Me and Izhar here share a lot off our stuff together. Yeap, you name it: food, clothpegs, detergent, shampoo and many many more things.

Izhar is a great goal keeper after my first keeper HAFIDZ SHAFIEE. Yes he is. I really hoped he can play often :)

A really fanatic of LIVERPOOL FC :) Yes dear readers, if you are a KOP fan, invite him over. HE's been a Liverpool fan since forever I can recall. He hates MAN UTD AND CHELSEA. But we all share something in common. We love MALAYSIA FC :D

here is a little picture of LIVERPOOL FC

Dear brother,

Hope you enjoy life. Never giving up in doing anything. Just stay the same :D

Remember this picture bro?


Monday, December 19, 2011

Say that name :)

From the desk of His Excellency Lord KlauzJR,

Hey hey... I'm gonna share a friend of mine to you all. It's a special request from him actually.. Chaee~~ hehe. Let me start.

Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you my dear dear friend Najmi Haris bin Ahmad Nasution :) He is my loyal treasurer of 5P from the era of Kipok till my reign as Prime Minis.. oops sorry, Class Monitor :D. HE is the best fried people can get.

Okay, a little bit bout Mr. Najmi or Sam as we call him. He is from The RED Rouser family. He is into arts and longing to become an interior designer. He loves to lados :D My gay partner when doing illegal duties :D Fly partner for sometimes 

He has a love interest :D I know that girl well. Good luck finding the lucky girl Sammy boy. He also has a jambu named Wan Mohd Danial. A Form 1 guy :D. Well he isnt gay. He needs a little bro to talk to. Come on Sam :) He used to be a nerd, but somehow became a map of problematique guy. Haha. Bila lagi is his used words. I really hate that word

He haails from Kajang. Where SATAYS come from :D He never leaves his duty as a faithful co worker to me :D He's also very famous among girls for his sweet talk :D Seriously, need help? CALL SAM BUNKBED here :D

We met earlier this week at an Expo in Mid Valley. Sorry for not following you to RANTAI. Got to go actually. Parents these days are not easy to persuade. You are most welcomed to stay at my place. Or i'll come over to yours :D

Dear Sam thanks for alwas being there. Thanks for sharing your bed with me and Macha and Khaicha :D Good luck in everything you do. Never give up in your life bro. We'll meet anytime you call that phone number of mine :)

A little photo to keep you entertained

your bestfriend,
klauz jr :)


From the desk of KlauZjr,

It has been to my knowledge that North Korean incumbent leader Kim Jong Il had died today from a heart attack. He is known for his generalissimo style ruling of North Korea. His successor Kim Jong Un had bee said by CNN to be using his father's style of administration. People are mourning over their beloved leaders death. Kim Jong Il had been known for a hard style leader who really oppose USA and the other European countries. 

His ruling party, the Workers Party of Korea is the incumbent ruling party since 1950's. That long to only work solely alone without help from Western countries. Let his death be a reminder of power and absolution for the North Koreans. Here are some photos of him during his life years:

Kim Jong Il with his successor Kim Jong Un

Capital city Pyongyang 
I hope that after the death of this leader, North Korea would achieve its stability as it is crucial for them to grow and become a rising nation of Asia. 


Manchester United

From the desk of Lord KlauzJR,

Hello everyone :D AFIFUDDIN GHAZAT and HAFIDZ SHAFIEE is still here. They maybe going back tomorrow. Itu yang sedih tuh. Theyre presence here makes my day always sunny side up. 

Manchester United won again against QPR. Twas a predictable game as QPR's line of defense were scattered. Chemistry was not seen moreover. Tony Fernandez was spotted texting while watching the game. Here are some pictures of the moments :P

Well, that's all folks :D Hoping on another great game by MANCHESTER UNITED :)


Saturday, December 17, 2011

so far away

From the desk of His Excellency Lord KlauzJR,

Form 5 life had ended for me and my fivers. Yes, it is the moments we have been waiting. No more school, no more wardens, no more crappy dining food, no more PAK GUARD DUM, no more pencuri TC lagi, and many no mores. Now, we're no longer under one same roof. Shouting, laughing, goofing, studying, enjoying saturday nights with jambus either at the turf or island or songkok or anywhere possible, smoking freely anywhere possible, playing with the DUM. Now, we're no longer together, side by side, sleeping in one bed. Now, everyone sleeps in their own room. watching the ceiling, reminiscing the glory days of our friendship.

Dear friends,
School is not the place were we separate. I only hope and wish that you will not carry yourself away from VIRILION. Even your results are bad, dont be ashamed. SPM is not everything. If your results are bad, that means you gotta work hard. Every night I missed all the splendid priceless moments with you all, 

This are some of the photos that I have in my phone :)
Now, I'm sharing it all up here

Thank you for completing my life dear Virilion. 

Aiman Zaki
Izzul Hafiz
izzat Isa
Zulhilmi Rosli
Bukhari Mazlan
Luqman Borhan
Aiman Syahir
Hafidz Shafiee
Fariezuan Hamid
Faizul Razzi
Azzim Bukhori
Hafiz Rahman
Izhar Ishak
Aiman Azman
Izzat NaĆ­m
Amin Jamal
Hisham Wahidin
Irfan Razuki
Irfan Zulkapli

Red House
Adam Ramlan
Zahid Yusoff
Khairuddin Khalil
Hazmi Kamaruzzaman
Megat Syfiq
Najmi Haris
Megat Azim
Megat Ridzwan
Faiz zuki
Ameen Hamidi
Zulhilmi Badri
Azim Yusoff
Qusyairi Fauzi
Syafiq Laksana
Ajmal Faiz
HAzim Hairi
Aiman Aziz
Amizal Mansor
Wan Ahmad Badiuzzaman
Fadzli Rosli
Ahmad Aidil 

Yellow House
Izzulfian Zaker
Zakiy Zalpi
Amirul Asyraf
Barmawi Jauzi
Nasrul Haziq
Aiman Imran
Syahir Juhari
Nafis Adzhar
Nasharuddin Razak
Danial Aiman
Syamil Ali
Hafiz Roslan
Adib Hanifi
Zuhair Nasir
Nazri Syamil
Syed Ameerulah
Abdul Aziz
Aiman Hakim

Green House
Afif Fitri
Irfan harith
Wan NAsrul
Husainy Kamal
Najib Aiman
Amin Roslan
Khairul Khalis
Afifuddin ghazat
Faried Adnan
Rasyad Aziz
Aiman TAM
FAiz Zaidi
Nik Rahman
Amir Faisal
Amir Syahiran
Suhayl Azmin
ADri Syaffiq
Aiman Syaffiq
Amer Ridzuan
Ridhuan Rosli

Black House
Fathul Hafiz
Hazwan Afiq
M. Nashrun
Ahmad Ameer
Hafifi Fikri
Tuan iqbal
Syamil Saad
Ziyad Zaini
Syafiq Safwan
Zainul Haqem
Wan Iskandar
izzat Rawaida
aizat Rozali
Amsyar Muaz
Amir Ramli
Noor Haniff
FAris Syahmi
Amin isa

White House
Aiman Razak
Che Aziezul
Noor Izzat
Zulhilmi Razi
Hanif Aqil
Hakim zali
Basri Soubroken
izwan Norman
Izwan Mashnawi
Afnan Soulbroken
Ahmad siddiq
Husaini malik
Taiko Soulbroken
Syauqi farhan
aiman kadir
Aiman fikri
izzat Danial
Abdulah Azzam
Zharfan azhari

Bila lagi nak touching macam ni :D. Enjoy your life, never give up, don't hesitate with your choices as it may come once. PLkN goers, enjoy your three month social workout :) it's free kotttt.. See you guys whenever you go out together as one big family again.


yours truly,
khairul aiman