Thursday, May 26, 2011


These days is getting tougher and tougher. So, to overcome the hard days coming I need to STRONGER. :D Tomorrow is the start of the extra class to finish syllabus 2011. It ain't fun, but come FIVERS this may be the last chance to speed up. Let's change what our predecessor done :/

WE can change the perspective of all the people around us. :D

Anxiously waiting to go to Bukit Tinggi Indonesia :DD

Sunday, May 22, 2011

savvy people?

Onboard the Queen Anne's Revenge,

Hari ini menandakan hari kedua exam mid year tamat. Bererti, Trial dah tak lama. Itu kemudian cerita.

Pagi tadi semasa outing, Yang Berhormat Saya telah pergi mengunjungi teater wayang. Cerita apa? Bukan NUR KASIH, mahupun THOR, apatah lagi FAST 5. Ianya adalah....

Thats the story allright. The story wasn't boring. Full of action and hilarious stunts done by the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. This time without his Black Pearl of course. He is now under Blackbeard and his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge. Looking for the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!

It was in 3D. Imagine that much in a single movie. They are introducing new characters such as :

Blackbeard over here. The most notorius pirate among all pirates. His sword was somehow magical. He can control the whole ship with that magical sword. Even the ropes :D
Imagine that

New and much cooler look of Captain Hector Barbossa. Now a privateer to the King Of England. In the end, owner of the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Captain Jack Sparrow. With
the screamingoutloud face :)

Well, that's all for now...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


From the pc that creates legends,

It has been a day after exam. Nothing happened actually. Stayed in my dorm and slept till morning. I am still worried bout my results for physics which could mean disaster. BIG DISASTER!! Biology gave me a beacon of hope :) Thanks to MR TAN. Tomorrow I'm gonna go watch the new Pirates movie: ON STRANGERS TIDES :DD with both azzam and Ziyad Zaini. Money problem starts to show up -_____-''

I can't sleep tonight. I don't know why in the world I can't sleep today. So, I continue on  writing in my memoir . Everyone is sound asleep. I've gotta think on a plan for my own future. Gotta start pulling up my socks to achieve my dreams of going back to Montreal. 

Furthering my studies at the prestigious MCGILL UNIVERSITY. 

Mama, do you remember this place :) The only place we wold go shopping back in 2002-2003. Watch, Harry Potter during Ramadhan :D

Or walk in the evening to go to the public library :) One day, I will go back to this spot to further my studies. PRAY FOR ME EVERYONE

Best Regards,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let bygone be goners

From The Creative Stories of Klauz

Hey everyone, tomorrow is the last paper for SBP STANDARDISED TEST!!!! Biology paper come on. Teachers Day was fun. Seeing all the teachers wearing back their uniform. Even Puan Kamariah wored a white BAJU KURUNG and BLUE KAIN . Imagine that. Some fivers got the opportunity to escort the teachers to the hall.

It was a grand event. The ceremony went well. Flow of day also went smoothly. Blue house did not win the futsal game. NEVERMIND!! Focus on winning the MUHIBBAH CHALLENGE TROPHY. Under the second term of managing the team I'll try my best to achieve victory :)

Come on boys. We can win!!! 


Monday, May 16, 2011


From the Blue House,

Well, it has been a pressuring week. Add Math and Physics paper. DAMN hard man~~. Some out there may say it's piece of cake. But sometimes it ain't. I'll pray hard to even PASS Physics knowing I've done badly for Paper 1 -________-''

I'm hoping that Biology and Chemistry to be DIFFERENT.

Tomorrow's is Teachers Day :) From a student, I wish a splendid Teachers Day to all Teachers of SMKKJ, STAR IPOH and SKKJ 1 for the hardwork and effort throughout the year. You all deserve to enjoy the day.





Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fast Forward

From the desktop of Klauz II,

It has been a hectic week. EXAM WEEK . A bunch of papers has passed. Sejarah was difficult. modern math was like ADD MATH. Seriously, I would like to go back to Year 1 where everything is as simple as ABC and 123. But still, time won't come back right ? tomorrow is Sivics and PK paper.

I mean like why should there be any papers for these subjects :/ School is upside down already. I'm sick amd weak. Haiyo. I just lost my handphone and found it back :DD thank GOD! Mp3 is still lost in time. Mum bought me a new Walkman and another for her. Thank YOU MAMA :) Really appreciate it. I fell like going out and eat McD. It has been months since I ate McD. Been thinking of going this Saturday 

Ok, got to go now :) Turrahh