Friday, May 29, 2009


Today, started off with a morning off special events :D. Hari Guru was celebrate for the teachers by the students :). This picture is about some James Bond wannabe named Cikgu Fairuz. My hero :D. The events today started with a short speech by Puan Norha. Then, a very interactive speech by En. Kamarul, YDP. He can reach into the soul of youngsters. Don't believe me? Ask him. Then a choir by beloved teachers and was leaded by James Bond. his voice quite good. Students peformance were also good.

After the peformace, teacher's "tukar baju" for the Fanciest Dress award. I have some of the pictures here :

Ratu Discipline

Pn Tham

The Doctor and The Devil Wears Black

Pn Rafidah and Pn Aziah

Sarawakian Dancer

Pn Chong

KH Teacher In Punjabi Suit

Pn Abidah Hanim

Two Of a Kind

Pn Rajoo and Pn Khoo

Tauke Butik Pengantin

Cik Shaliza Atikah aka HoneySha

Last but not least( i think).The gorgeous Pengetua Of Smk Kelana Jaya....

Fairy God Teacher

Pn Norha :DD

Time passes like light. A teacher amazing race with no teaching was held. My team won. The team consist of Pn Norita, Ustazah Azliyah, Ustazah Azlina, Pn Rafizah, Pn Norhayati, Cik Salina. Well, thats all. Pn Indra tak datang kowt. Haih, baru nak feeling giving her the present.

Petang tadi pergi jam, gambar not clear. Ade progress jugak are Silent Figura. As their manager, mestilah berusaha membangunkan mereka. :DD

Sekian saja, Chow Dulu..
Khairul Aiman
Silent Figura.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Relax.. Take It Easy

Congrats everyone. For a week of examination. But it's not over. Pmr on the corner. So, everybody startla reading again. Today's paper quite easy except for agama. Woah memang kaw punye. Luckly pn. Ratna tak masuk. Kalau tak, faillah :DD.
English was easy. Science was the worst. Pn. Indra said a big number dapat bad for science.

Okay, no more exam till august. Tomorrow is Hari Guru. Bringing camera to take pictures. A new rule is now, if want to bring camera get permission from Pn Tham. Whatahell? That's not good. Previous years were easy as no "slip kebenaran" is needed. Today, not going anywhere. Very2 tired though. A number off times I slept during exam. Hmm, the old eyes can't hold on any longer. Wha to do? Have a nice and relaxing two weeks everyone :DD


Khairul Aiman

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Huh, What a day

Today, like any other day was fine. It started off with me forgeting to pasan alarm. Bangun straight to the toilet. Mandi, solat and went off to school. Mak Tasha interviewed us for some stuffla. Me and nicky were last due to lack off time. Pjk was sooo sweaty( i mean it). The baju tuh like blh nampak that i'm badly sweating. Kh, thank god that I'm done with the project. BM: Puan Norita absent again, I dunno why is she always tak hadir. Math: Normal and Typical. Agama: Ujian. B.I. teach, will not be around till our exam day.

Dad is going off this saturday nite to somewhere near Russia for work. Am really hoping to see Angel's and Demon with mum (First Class kowt). Starting on a diet, tapi dunno jalan tak....

After school, ada kursus pengawas at the dewan. It was fun and no BORING, LONG TALK :DD. The spokeperson knows how to take everyone's heart to hear him talk. Was Leader for the group 4. The activity was quite funny. My group ade bwat error. Sebatan pokok yang BERCABANG dua. Quite alot off groups yang salah there :DD Whatever it is, we had a great time. Malam got tuisyen. So Bye2

Khairul Aiman