Sunday, November 1, 2009

Simplicity IS The Best Policy ;{>

Hey everyone, it has been awhile since I wrote on this blog. Just arrive from Kem Ibadah in Hulu Langat. it really made me realise what have I done all this while. Kay, let's start at school. I arrived and checked in with ustazah. Then we waited for a whole 2 ours for the bus. At last, at 4.30 we berangkat ti the campsite. I've been there once during last years kem pengawas.

Upon arriving at the site, a lot had change. We were greeted with a warm smile from tuan Nizam. He had not change a bit. A taklimat was given. He had asked for anyone who brought along rokok to hand it down. After that a spotcheck was carried on. Three people kantoi rokok, then tuan Nizam was so angry. Mulalah agenda lepas geram. Haziq also was among them, though he had bring a no gas lighter. Tuan Nizam asked him" Lighter kalau takde gas panggil ape? Babi?". All of usw anted to laugh to that, but mase tuh org tengah fiery.

The next day we went for jungle trekking. As i remembered, last year was soo long and it took almost 3 hours. But, mase tuh was about an hour walk. We played at the river, was damn cold. I was very alert as takut kena hantuk kat batu lagi -.-". Thank god nothing critical happened. After Zuhur prayer a simple briefing on a game called Hijrahku/explorace style game. We started off eating bawang, drinking kunyit, sitting in the river.

After that, we continued with obstacle challenge. It was the toughest for our team as Izzuddin needed a lot off help at start. In the end we were the FIRST team to finish. That night there was a slot on Rasulullah S.A.W. It really touched me deeply. Well that night we all slept soundly XD

Morning dawned early, we all woke up for Qiamullail. Some fell asleep during it. After that there was our last kuliah subuh. Another cergas2 activity. After breakfast, Tuan Mahadzir cakap"semua budak2 sekolah menengah tunggu sebentar". We were told by Ustaz Khalid that we are gonna learn how to kafankan mayat.

It was an interesting slot. Alif was our model. Firstly, get a 62 inch of cotton white cloth. then, measure the length of the deceased. Cut three equal length cloths. Then put the body on the cloth and wrap it layer by layer.

Then, it was closing ceremony already. My team which concludes of: Me, Mat, Izzuddin, Mat Nor, Irsyad, Arep, Ali, Haziq, Zamir and Sulhi won "Kumpulan Terbaik". After lunch with the facis and tuans, we went home to Kelana jaya. Alot had been learned and memories to be cherished. Cds are copied and given to all who paid. XD

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