Saturday, April 23, 2011


From the dashboard of Khairul Aiman ,
This blog is dusty. I mean REALLY dusty. Has been a long while since an entry was written here. :) School has been really heavy on me. Tuition, extra class, bengkel and etc. I want to go for a long holiday... Maybe somewhere in Penang or even just Port Dickson. Somewhere by the beach

Yeah ! Somewhere soothing for the soul . There's also another place to go. Cameron Highland :D Cool and breezy with many things to taste or a cuppa of tea isn't it nice. 

Now what I like to do the most at night is to sit at the school turf and watch the moon :} It's very cold and calming. I really do think it's the best port to call your loved ones :)
Well I think that's all for now :D Cheerioo