Friday, April 20, 2012

KL Property and Real Estate in my view :)

from the desk of klauzJR,

people nowadays, may it be local Malaysians or even expats from all over the world are hot over heels when searching the best residence to stay here in Kuala Lumpur. They'll start enquiring with a lot of real estate agents. There's also plenty of alternative to go with. Newspapers are a very good and cheap medium to go house hunting. Then, there's the internet. YES, internet is the best and somewhat environmentally friendly. Here's a newly opened page for house hunters out there:

you can reach out and shortlist your dream home at your own pleasure with no energy lost and time is not wasted. Propwall is a attractive way to search for your dream house. The website is fully equipped with the dealers phone number, current condition, current price and also the amenities included. I’ll give you a quick and easy how-to here. So you’re buying a house, got a budget of estimated 700k. You searched and agreed on locating in let say inside The Golden Triangle ie: KLCC and many more. Then, you search any residence that fits your budget. The pros of this website is that, you are linked directly to the agent or owners.

Propwall also offers the best deals of houses or condominium. Where do you want it? KLCC? Ampang? Bukit Jalil? Solaris? What do you want your home to be near with? LRT, KTM or even buses. What kind of atmosphere do you want your neighbourhood be? Relaxing? Busy and full of life? 

One thing I can promise is that, condominiums are fully equipped with all the basic and luxurious amenities. Inside your home, fully furnished and air conditioned to. No need of buying fridges or stove. It’s basically there. Outside the basic amenities are swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna room, playground for the little ones or even reading rooms for the book addicts J

So, what are you waiting for? Your future home maybe one of the houses and condos up on the web. Go figure.

p/s: here’s the website again: 

bst rgrds :)


Monday, April 16, 2012

We Are The Champions ! !

from the desk of klauzJr,

14 and 15 April marks the yearly tournament of COBRA 10's. this year it's held in the newly developed town of Setia Alam. 

Was tough to get there. Still, I managed to arrive. met Thaqif, Nashrun, Adam and Ayep there. STAR was grouped with school from Australia and Beijing together with SMK Yahya Petra 1 of Kelantan and MRSM Balik Pulau of Penang. Here's the grouping day results:

KCC Australia 5-26 STAR
STAR 56-0 Beijing Sports School
STAR 46-0 MRSM Balik Pulau
STAR 33-12 SMK YP 1

Looks like our team did a good job of winning the game. Thus, making them ranked first among all schools followed by SEMASHUR and SMSS. For tomorrow's quarter-cup game, STAR is drawn with SESMA of I don't really know (sorry). If they win they'll move on to semi-cup.


Quarter-final were kicking off at 0900. STAR vs SESMA. This is were rugby really starts for the boys. It was slightly tougher than yesterday. The opponent managed to penetrate our defence. Still, we won with a 14-0 margin. We qualified to fight off for a spot in the finals, but not yet. Semi-cup is against KDPAHA or Kolej Dato Patinggi Abang Haji Abdilah of Sarawak. They narrowly defeat brother school SDAR 5-0. The game really tested their strength, agility, teamwork and a little of knowledge. STAR won with 19-7. WELL PLAYED.

This is what we(old boys/supporters/acting managers/brother) and the boys are waiting for. GRAND FINAL. After all that they've been through, no loses not even a tie. COBRATASHA will fight of with SMK ZA'ABA/SEK SUKAN NEGERI SEMBILAN. 

After sponsoring them with LIVITA drinks each, they're ready to rumble. It's my first earned money. I've dreamed of giving back to the school. Well, little brothers you've earned my money :) They marched proudly into the pitch and it's game on!

On the first half, STAR tried first with the kick went in. Then the opponent counter with a try also. HALF TIME 7-7. Coach M.K.Azhar and PAJUE gave a very convincing and motivating speech. 2nd HALF, the miracle happens, our winger from form 3 Azim, tried for the second time. It was a relieve as it differences the situation of the game. The finishing touches is done yet again by Azim. I shouted and went to coach and we laughed out as STAR is crowned CHAMPIONS OF COBRA 10's for the year 2012. My money was really in good use. Alhamdulillah syukur that finally, these boys earn a prize. But not any common prize, biggest prize of them all. 

Here's the photos of our victors:

from great determination comes great effort :)
congratulations brothers 
I'm proud of you guys,
Your last year senior is proud of you guys, 
Coach Nahar is proud of you guys, 
Coach A'a and Pajue is proud of you guys
The school is proud of you guys,
STAROBA is proud of you guys,

You've outdid yourselves this time. I hope you guys can maintain your winning glory in the PREMIERS and SBP 10's. I can't remember all of your names but here goes, 
CONGRATULATIONS: Shakir,Taquiddin,AmierAzfar,EzzatAkhbar,Aliffnazrin,AriffZaini,FarisIdrus,AmirOmar,SyafiqBob,AzimForm3,AzimForm2,Penyu,Aiman,IsyrafHarith,AhMeng,TeamOfAdmininstrators:UdinPungkok,Yakuza,Latiff

Great Supporters:
MrT,AuntieIzah,MrRajaAzli,MrJaka,ThaqifTamunif,AdamRamlan,NashrunKenchang,AyepAzman,RaziqSham,OldBoys. And lastly: KIMOK :)

A hearties congratulations to Cobratasha. May this year bring you all wealth and glory, InsyaAllah

bst rgrds,

Monday, April 9, 2012

What Are You Doing Now?

from the desk of klauzjR,

good morning to all bloggers and readers. how was your weekend? hope it was relaxing and restful. 

i've really been busy. from thursday till today. here's a little chronology:





the little meeting i've done with MIA president, Datuk Mohd Nasir bin Ahmad. it was less promising as the people whom attended were really poor. i was really ashamed for awhile since he had commited to put a very small scale talk. the content was really promising. he did explain on the do's and don't's in accountancy. this subject is kinda weird to STAR students as they did not take it back during 2011 :D. he's a humble person. he also told his stories of failures and success. it really kindles the fire in young people's heart. nothing is impossible out there. do what you like. finish till the end, never go halfway. he was with another old boy named Nadzif, from batch 86. he also told his part of the story.


atan's brother will be married at Putrajaya. me, yoong and wan bad had decided to go and meet up. the erl was late. i really don't understand why and whats up with malaysian trains. moves like a snail. time is of the essence. we were late. when we arrived, NIGHTFALL's first ever performance ended -.- still we had a blast. went home with jono, buree and lebai. liverpool vs aston villa ended with a draw. mr jono paid for our dinner :D

tired and sleepy :D will continue tomorrow. or maybe the day after :P

bst rgrds,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Find KL Serviced Apartments :)

from the desk of klauzJR,

I have to say, nowadays expatriates and tourist from all over the world are swarming down to Kuala Lumpur. May it be a holiday, business trip or even just passing by. As a Malaysian, I'm always happy to be of assistants to my nation and its visitors.

Here's a very good website which offers affordable and extravagant apartments in the hearts of KL. Down here you'll be linked directly to the website These are like homestays or even budget hotel with a little high end touch. I, myself had used this websites service once back then. It was a family trip to Cameron Highlands, majority of hotels and homestays were utterly full. So, a friend suggested me to the website. There were a whole bunch of very good looking and rather cheap rooms. So, I picked one and the process isn't as hard as it seems. One click of a button, you're already settled. 

For those busy businessmen from all over the globe, iBilik offers a good and comfortable stay here in the Golden Triangle of KL. You can either choose to stay as near to the KL City Centre or maybe relax of in the suburban towns around the Klang Valley. You can pick a variety of apartments fully lavished with the basic amenities and even some classy add ons like flat screen television, internal wireless system, ASTRO satellite channels and many more. You don't need to worry about any transportation problem. iBilik serviced apartments are the closest to any public transport. Name it, LRT, KTM, RapidKL buses, Taxi. 

Sometimes, tourist especially those food enthusiast like to walk along and eat the hawker food mall in Medan Hang Tuah or go dine with style at The Lafitte Restaurant. Or, you could just go down to the sundry shop and cook up a meal for yourself. Yes, the apartments affiliated with iBilik comes with an equipped cooking area just for you.

The iBilik helps you around when peak seasons and fully booked hotels. It's worth every Ringgit. So, plan up a visit to Kuala Lumpur. 

You won't regret it. TRUST ME :)

p/s: the website is, again :

bst rgrds,

Monday, April 2, 2012

When in doubt , Look SOUTH

from the desk of klauzJR,

Been really busy this weekend. For the first time alone, I set off south of the Malaysian peninsula to Johor Bahru. It was a really pleasant and enjoyable trip. For a fact that I've never explored JB inside out. Let's start my little mini travelog from day one:


woke up early today. well i didn't sleep the other night. watch Lawak Ke Der all over again. was fun all the way. at 9.00 am I packed my bag and head off to the not so new Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. upon arriving, i was stunned by the amazing architecture of the building. i arrived at the ticket redemption counter. after redeeming my online ticket to JB, went down to the departure hall. it really resembles KL international airport.okay, upon arriving in Larkin bus terminal. Called this guy:

 but, he ''malas'' to come and fetch me. i can go for other options like cabs or buses, preferably cabs. then he said ''cabs here are like those mosquitoes'' they suck all your money. okay. then came option 2:

 this guy on the right ->

sadly, option 2 also cannot help :p. oh, by the way his name is wan ahmad badiuzzaman. we call him wan bad or / . then, option one called and said he's on his way. thank god. after settling in SKUDAI. Mr Hazmi here asked me to go to town by BUS. the bus driver was speeding like he's michael schumacher finishing 1st in f1. fall of the seat TWICE. when we arrived at the city centre. the lights was really like jalan petaling or even bukit bintang. magnificiently splendid. met this guy there, mr aidil ebob: 

he and his brother showed me the sights of Johor at night. Then we pit stopped at a steamboat shop really near the sea. Ordered and ate dinner at 1.00 am. Imagine that long to eat dinner. Not good not good (shaking head).


woke up late -.-'' my host also was late. LEPER2, then we showered and got ready for Friday prayer. Followed MR LEPER's DAD to mosque. After prayers, relaxed a bit while waiting for Aidil to finish up cleaning his fishy pool :D 
Then LEPer's parent said they need to go to KL. At around 5.00 pm we set off again to JB City Square. We went to Roost Bistro. Located near the tax free zone THE ZONE. Laughed and talk and played poker. We wasn't aware of the time at all. Then went for a late dinner at Sentosa. Some seafood store. The nasi goreng there is good. After the long and tiring day, we went home and slept really soundly (especially leper)


last day with my very warming flat host. parents are on their way here to visit sisters in STF. well, i've never tagged along if they go to Johor. this is the first time :) we went for a movie at the cathay cineplex in CS. Met this guY :

minus the hair. he's an ex PLKN goer. MR FAIZUL RAZZI. Yeap, sekarang pakai cap kemana2. Watched Wrath of the titans. Just in the cinema, got a phone call from  Datuk ***** . Really ''kacau line''. After the movie went for a light meal before departing our own separate ways. It was really a fantastic city, Johor Bahru with it's beautiful coastline. Who can resist? 

that's all, hope to write again soon


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dream's to kepp on dreaming

from the desk of klauzJR,

Been a while since I wrote something here . So sorry for the long disappearance . Really busy lately . With life of course . Short and simple :)

Dear anyone who can give me this :) I'm willing to work for you till I die

Haha , well not this time aiman , not this time . Hope a miracle happens tomorrow or the day after or the the day after . . . .

bst rgrds ,

KlauZjr :)

Monday, March 12, 2012


Time, it's always moving round and round. Non-stop! We all would always say ''Do we have time?'' Yes, do we?

Do we have time to laugh together?
Do we have time to linger in our own world, talking nonsense?
Do we have time to scream out loud all our sorrows and fear?
Do we have time to go back in time, just to do a few adjustment?
Do we have time to memorise MUSE's 100+ songs?
Do we have time to escape some shitty classes?
Do we have time to walk in the middle of the night?
Do we have time to earn respect from others?
Do we have time to sit down and relive those glory days?
Do we have time to just keep rewinding an old black and white movie?
Do we have time to ask for more time?
Do we have time to play the games we passionately love?
Do we have time just to see each other?
Do we have time to share our sad moments?
Do we have time to prank anyone's birthday?
Do we have time to change our political flaws?
Do we have time to say SORRY?
Do we have time to walk down a sandy beach?
Do we have time to watch our evening soap operas?
Do we have time to please our parents?
Do we have time to watch smiling faces of every soul in the world?
Do we have time to get back on track?
Do we have time to enjoy youth?
Do we have time to eat our medicines?
Do we have time to help those in need?
Do we have time to update our FACEBOOK?
Do we have time to listen to our favourite tunes?
Do we have time to DECIDE?
Do we have time to write our own songs?
Do we have time to rewrite history?
Do we have time to CHANGE history?

Time never waits for anyone. It'll move onwards till it will stop. FOR GOOD. Time is very delicate and yet precious. It can become your past, present and future. May it be a beautiful dream or a living nightmare.

Take time to think for a moment. Are we using time at it's fullest? Come to think of it, time is mostly fair to all. Still, people say TIME is UNFAIR. I speak of the truth. When, we really need to use it. It's either not enough or packed with all our craps that WE created. We created our own bunch of mess and expect to have more time to do other things, that is what I call bullshit. Time was never a priority for humans. They tend to forget time. Time is the barrier between fun and prolonged sadness.

So, do we actually have time?