Monday, April 2, 2012

When in doubt , Look SOUTH

from the desk of klauzJR,

Been really busy this weekend. For the first time alone, I set off south of the Malaysian peninsula to Johor Bahru. It was a really pleasant and enjoyable trip. For a fact that I've never explored JB inside out. Let's start my little mini travelog from day one:


woke up early today. well i didn't sleep the other night. watch Lawak Ke Der all over again. was fun all the way. at 9.00 am I packed my bag and head off to the not so new Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. upon arriving, i was stunned by the amazing architecture of the building. i arrived at the ticket redemption counter. after redeeming my online ticket to JB, went down to the departure hall. it really resembles KL international airport.okay, upon arriving in Larkin bus terminal. Called this guy:

 but, he ''malas'' to come and fetch me. i can go for other options like cabs or buses, preferably cabs. then he said ''cabs here are like those mosquitoes'' they suck all your money. okay. then came option 2:

 this guy on the right ->

sadly, option 2 also cannot help :p. oh, by the way his name is wan ahmad badiuzzaman. we call him wan bad or / . then, option one called and said he's on his way. thank god. after settling in SKUDAI. Mr Hazmi here asked me to go to town by BUS. the bus driver was speeding like he's michael schumacher finishing 1st in f1. fall of the seat TWICE. when we arrived at the city centre. the lights was really like jalan petaling or even bukit bintang. magnificiently splendid. met this guy there, mr aidil ebob: 

he and his brother showed me the sights of Johor at night. Then we pit stopped at a steamboat shop really near the sea. Ordered and ate dinner at 1.00 am. Imagine that long to eat dinner. Not good not good (shaking head).


woke up late -.-'' my host also was late. LEPER2, then we showered and got ready for Friday prayer. Followed MR LEPER's DAD to mosque. After prayers, relaxed a bit while waiting for Aidil to finish up cleaning his fishy pool :D 
Then LEPer's parent said they need to go to KL. At around 5.00 pm we set off again to JB City Square. We went to Roost Bistro. Located near the tax free zone THE ZONE. Laughed and talk and played poker. We wasn't aware of the time at all. Then went for a late dinner at Sentosa. Some seafood store. The nasi goreng there is good. After the long and tiring day, we went home and slept really soundly (especially leper)


last day with my very warming flat host. parents are on their way here to visit sisters in STF. well, i've never tagged along if they go to Johor. this is the first time :) we went for a movie at the cathay cineplex in CS. Met this guY :

minus the hair. he's an ex PLKN goer. MR FAIZUL RAZZI. Yeap, sekarang pakai cap kemana2. Watched Wrath of the titans. Just in the cinema, got a phone call from  Datuk ***** . Really ''kacau line''. After the movie went for a light meal before departing our own separate ways. It was really a fantastic city, Johor Bahru with it's beautiful coastline. Who can resist? 

that's all, hope to write again soon


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