Friday, April 20, 2012

KL Property and Real Estate in my view :)

from the desk of klauzJR,

people nowadays, may it be local Malaysians or even expats from all over the world are hot over heels when searching the best residence to stay here in Kuala Lumpur. They'll start enquiring with a lot of real estate agents. There's also plenty of alternative to go with. Newspapers are a very good and cheap medium to go house hunting. Then, there's the internet. YES, internet is the best and somewhat environmentally friendly. Here's a newly opened page for house hunters out there:

you can reach out and shortlist your dream home at your own pleasure with no energy lost and time is not wasted. Propwall is a attractive way to search for your dream house. The website is fully equipped with the dealers phone number, current condition, current price and also the amenities included. I’ll give you a quick and easy how-to here. So you’re buying a house, got a budget of estimated 700k. You searched and agreed on locating in let say inside The Golden Triangle ie: KLCC and many more. Then, you search any residence that fits your budget. The pros of this website is that, you are linked directly to the agent or owners.

Propwall also offers the best deals of houses or condominium. Where do you want it? KLCC? Ampang? Bukit Jalil? Solaris? What do you want your home to be near with? LRT, KTM or even buses. What kind of atmosphere do you want your neighbourhood be? Relaxing? Busy and full of life? 

One thing I can promise is that, condominiums are fully equipped with all the basic and luxurious amenities. Inside your home, fully furnished and air conditioned to. No need of buying fridges or stove. It’s basically there. Outside the basic amenities are swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna room, playground for the little ones or even reading rooms for the book addicts J

So, what are you waiting for? Your future home maybe one of the houses and condos up on the web. Go figure.

p/s: here’s the website again: 

bst rgrds :)


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