Monday, April 16, 2012

We Are The Champions ! !

from the desk of klauzJr,

14 and 15 April marks the yearly tournament of COBRA 10's. this year it's held in the newly developed town of Setia Alam. 

Was tough to get there. Still, I managed to arrive. met Thaqif, Nashrun, Adam and Ayep there. STAR was grouped with school from Australia and Beijing together with SMK Yahya Petra 1 of Kelantan and MRSM Balik Pulau of Penang. Here's the grouping day results:

KCC Australia 5-26 STAR
STAR 56-0 Beijing Sports School
STAR 46-0 MRSM Balik Pulau
STAR 33-12 SMK YP 1

Looks like our team did a good job of winning the game. Thus, making them ranked first among all schools followed by SEMASHUR and SMSS. For tomorrow's quarter-cup game, STAR is drawn with SESMA of I don't really know (sorry). If they win they'll move on to semi-cup.


Quarter-final were kicking off at 0900. STAR vs SESMA. This is were rugby really starts for the boys. It was slightly tougher than yesterday. The opponent managed to penetrate our defence. Still, we won with a 14-0 margin. We qualified to fight off for a spot in the finals, but not yet. Semi-cup is against KDPAHA or Kolej Dato Patinggi Abang Haji Abdilah of Sarawak. They narrowly defeat brother school SDAR 5-0. The game really tested their strength, agility, teamwork and a little of knowledge. STAR won with 19-7. WELL PLAYED.

This is what we(old boys/supporters/acting managers/brother) and the boys are waiting for. GRAND FINAL. After all that they've been through, no loses not even a tie. COBRATASHA will fight of with SMK ZA'ABA/SEK SUKAN NEGERI SEMBILAN. 

After sponsoring them with LIVITA drinks each, they're ready to rumble. It's my first earned money. I've dreamed of giving back to the school. Well, little brothers you've earned my money :) They marched proudly into the pitch and it's game on!

On the first half, STAR tried first with the kick went in. Then the opponent counter with a try also. HALF TIME 7-7. Coach M.K.Azhar and PAJUE gave a very convincing and motivating speech. 2nd HALF, the miracle happens, our winger from form 3 Azim, tried for the second time. It was a relieve as it differences the situation of the game. The finishing touches is done yet again by Azim. I shouted and went to coach and we laughed out as STAR is crowned CHAMPIONS OF COBRA 10's for the year 2012. My money was really in good use. Alhamdulillah syukur that finally, these boys earn a prize. But not any common prize, biggest prize of them all. 

Here's the photos of our victors:

from great determination comes great effort :)
congratulations brothers 
I'm proud of you guys,
Your last year senior is proud of you guys, 
Coach Nahar is proud of you guys, 
Coach A'a and Pajue is proud of you guys
The school is proud of you guys,
STAROBA is proud of you guys,

You've outdid yourselves this time. I hope you guys can maintain your winning glory in the PREMIERS and SBP 10's. I can't remember all of your names but here goes, 
CONGRATULATIONS: Shakir,Taquiddin,AmierAzfar,EzzatAkhbar,Aliffnazrin,AriffZaini,FarisIdrus,AmirOmar,SyafiqBob,AzimForm3,AzimForm2,Penyu,Aiman,IsyrafHarith,AhMeng,TeamOfAdmininstrators:UdinPungkok,Yakuza,Latiff

Great Supporters:
MrT,AuntieIzah,MrRajaAzli,MrJaka,ThaqifTamunif,AdamRamlan,NashrunKenchang,AyepAzman,RaziqSham,OldBoys. And lastly: KIMOK :)

A hearties congratulations to Cobratasha. May this year bring you all wealth and glory, InsyaAllah

bst rgrds,

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