Monday, April 9, 2012

What Are You Doing Now?

from the desk of klauzjR,

good morning to all bloggers and readers. how was your weekend? hope it was relaxing and restful. 

i've really been busy. from thursday till today. here's a little chronology:





the little meeting i've done with MIA president, Datuk Mohd Nasir bin Ahmad. it was less promising as the people whom attended were really poor. i was really ashamed for awhile since he had commited to put a very small scale talk. the content was really promising. he did explain on the do's and don't's in accountancy. this subject is kinda weird to STAR students as they did not take it back during 2011 :D. he's a humble person. he also told his stories of failures and success. it really kindles the fire in young people's heart. nothing is impossible out there. do what you like. finish till the end, never go halfway. he was with another old boy named Nadzif, from batch 86. he also told his part of the story.


atan's brother will be married at Putrajaya. me, yoong and wan bad had decided to go and meet up. the erl was late. i really don't understand why and whats up with malaysian trains. moves like a snail. time is of the essence. we were late. when we arrived, NIGHTFALL's first ever performance ended -.- still we had a blast. went home with jono, buree and lebai. liverpool vs aston villa ended with a draw. mr jono paid for our dinner :D

tired and sleepy :D will continue tomorrow. or maybe the day after :P

bst rgrds,

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