Sunday, August 21, 2011

Frutti Tutti sometimes :)

In the name of ALLAH,

The raya holidays is really around the corner . Can't wait ! Few of my besties is here in Petaling Jaya : Fariezuan Hamid and Nafis Adzhar . Today , we went to Sunway Pyramid . Fariezuan here wanted to buy some shirts for the festive seasons . In the end, we wathced HP without any popcorns and drinks . Was very cold in the theater . 

I bought socks for football . After the boring ARSENAL LIVERPOOL game which ended 0-2 . We set off to Tutti Frutti and Subway :D

Here are some explicit photos of us eating

Well, something went wrong :P

Hope you both enjoyed your stay at Hotel KLAUZ :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

TRIALS OVER . . . . for a while


CUAK KOT . . . ! ! !

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bulan Puasa :)

The most anticipated month of the Islamic calendar has again shown itself. Ramadhan this year is a big challenge for me and FIVERS 2011. TRIALS is all in the month were no eating , drinking is allowed. Up to now, we had passed through all the main subjects and two extra ones : PHYSICS AND ADD MATH ! ! Next week is left with only two more papers : BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY . I'm reallay hoping to do well in this exam :) 

Ramadhan is where people do a lot of charity and kindness. It is where people will start to be a new guy/girl . Regretting on what they've done for the pass years. History has shown a lot of things during Ramadhan . This month is to teach us to be simple and moderate in our daily life :D LEt's learn something from this years Ramadhan . Don't let it go to waste . It's really a problem when we don't achieve anything during Ramadhan . 

Bazaar anybody? :)