Friday, December 24, 2010

To Sir With Love


Hey everyone, it has been a long long time since I wrote on this blog. Sweeping the months thick dust though :P. Today I've got a very great idea. I would like to briefly tell a memoir on my favourite teacher here in STAR. Well I love History the most. Yeap, a boring subject and hard to score one. That subject is the one really fascinates me. Back to the point, back in Kelana Jaya theres a good teacher that opens the window to the world through history. Her name was Puan Rajoo.. Oh, sapa tak kenal dia! She was very-very kind to her students. I cant a photo of her. 

Thats that. Now, theres a new replacement for her here in the heart of Ipoh. He's kinda good and have her touch in his way of teaching a lame subject. Making people enjoy learning it. A veteran teacher that has recently moved due to personal reasons to SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS TAPAH. He's name is Sir Izaheri bin Mohamad Mokhtar. Here's a little memento snapshot of him with the straight a Izhar Ishak.

He is the one who inspired me untuk go on with my passion for the past :D. A very approachable guy. Funny and strict mixed together there in harmony. He'll laugh before naik baron. I myself had been scolded one by him. All about one word of disagreeing. "Berdosa kalau saya mengajar ajaran sesat kepada anak murid saya". Kena denda lagi tu... Essay on why was the Olympic game held during those days. A good laugh for the whole class after that. During recess if I met him he'll just crank up a good laugh with one of dad's teacher. OOh yeah, I've met my dads teacher. One of them did teach me. Never get below A- in her class. An avid supporter of LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. He's a very dedicated teacher to his STARIANS. After the exams, he would tayangkan movies based on history. His way of teaching is based on solid facts and movie facts :D. Apa movie yang dia tak pernah tengok, Sure updated on  the latest movies, games and all the etc :D. His best buddies are Cikgu Shahnun, Cikgu Mohamad and other cikgus :DD

One of my favourite topic to gossip around with him and the whole class is the occults as in FREEMASONS and the conspiracy types. We could for hours and hours bout it. Since there's a FREEMASONS lodge here in the heart of Kinta Valley, the stories gets its sparks. Macam2 cerita and those konspirasi things.

''Ada bran nak menghadap kertas jawapan anda''
''Salin satu bab tu balik, esok saya nak tgk''
'''Melayu mudah lupa''
and so many more meaningful quotes throughout the year. InsyaAllah cikgu akan berjaya dalam hidup dan karier cikgu di mana pun cikgu berada. All the Starians will always pray for your wellbeing. Hoping you wouldn't forget us here in STAR IPOH :) Our final memento together will be cherished forever. InsyaAllah.. :D

Best Regards,
Khairul Aiman bin Khairulanwar

Monday, September 6, 2010

Number 59

From The Desk of Khairul Aiman,

Hello all of you readers. How is your Ramadhan going. Your Raya preparations are ready? It's been a boring three days back at home. Nothing much to do. Homeworks are getting heavier and heavier. Maths: Success finish alll.... Imagine not finishing it -___-. Chemistry, another problem. There's the Nilam book to be completed and2 a 20 page report. Its actually a PEKA assignment. 

Skipping the boring books. I've road on the new ETS train system. It's technically an alternative as I hate to be stucked in a jam :P. So the ride only was for 2 hours. Was quite cool riding. Being among the passengers of a brand new train. Hope is that this system last and PLEASE, dear KTMB do make the fare a little cheaper. STARIANS dont have money especially at the beginnig of a holiday. TRUE what!!

Tomorrow I'm going out for Iftar at the local GIANT mall. Hope it doesn't rain like today :)

With that I conclude my speech 
K. Hitla

Saturday, August 28, 2010

DEAR Ramadhan,

Hey everyone,

Hope you guys are fasting enough :D. I am home with Faizul (dorm mate) along. Since he is not going back to JB for Nuzul AlQuran, I invited him over. We've walked more than 20 km here back in Kelana Jaya. Dah pergi Subang Parade on the first day. Bought a sweater, a nice looking t-shirt and Faizul bought a t-shirt. Then late that night, went over to tok chu's burger stall. Ate burgers till 12.00 am. chat and helped him out. Was quite fun though :D

Today ke the Curve pula. Tgk wayang :DD

Esok balik -___-"

Cheerio :) Buka Puasa

Saturday, August 7, 2010

57 and counting :DDD

From The Desk of Khairul Aiman,

Dear all, how are you. I've just finished my ujian selaras dua. It was a very hectic week. Full off emotional actions of despair. Nah, none of those happened anyways. It was boring. Every saturdays ada sekolah ganti. Today was awesome. Started off with BM. Did my second oral. Forum with the house discussing: PERKAHWINAN BAWAH UMUR. Yes, it is a matured off topic. Yet, it was a blast. There lots off laughter from both Puan Kamariah and members of the floor :P. Our team menbers did all the work in just half of a quarter hours. Weirdkan, still the oral went well.

I miss Kelana Jaya, the school I used to go, the friends, atmosphere, all of it. Sigh, I wished I could just go and visit them in SMKKJ :DD. Heard from Sulhi that Puan Norha is transferred to Sungai Buloh. -____-" not a good sound. I hope she could try to decline the offer.

Till then,

Khairul Aiman

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of Food And Bazaar Ramadhan

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

It has been 5 days since my short term holiday. SIGH, nak balik STAR dah. Well, gotta go jugak right? So, it's gonna be my first time puasa-ing in a new environment. Hoping that the school admin. is gonna free us to go to the bazaar and buy some FOOD. I'd never missed going to the bazaar and just loitter around and buy drinks which I think was superb. Not gonna taste any lemon blue drink. 

Tomorrow is gonna be my big day. I am entering the 5TH Taekwondo Poomsae competition. Yes, sudah terlampau lama saya berdiam diri :DDD

Well, A champion kena cukup tidur. SALUTE :P

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Fresh New Me :D

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

It has been a long2 period of time since I scribble something on my memoir. 
YES! I'm finally home for a little break I guess. Hoki SBP peringkat kebangsaan 2010. STAR is host for the event. There were many event happened during this month. Starting off with STAROBA 8690 OLDBOYS WEEKEND. I'm searching for the logo. Just a moment :D

There we go. Brotherhoood. All the pictures during this events are located at yours truly punya facebook :). So, dad stayed in STAR, in my DORM. Imagine and old2boy(sorry dad) sleepng in a present boys dorm. He said it was fine. He was very friendly with all of them.

Here, the second agenda. My modus operandi: Final Striking STAR. We lost 4-0. Macam Argentina rite2. Well, nevermind that. Atleast they were happy with second placing. Though, first place is much more shinier :D. Another memoir:

Nice job BOYS :DD

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Working Haard

Hey everyone. Whats up and how are you? I am quite healthy at moment minus the cold :D. It has been a busy week. I have to pass in an essay for the AKEGARASU HAYA prize thingy. The topic was quite easy. How my mother is important to me. Yes, it looks easy. It needs to be in within 2 pages -____-" plus 2.0 spacing. Not to mention size 14 font. I mean why is it so big and spacious. Really narrows my essay. Only can put tiny bits of my mother punya personal characteristic. NEXT there is the Striking Star tourney going on. Am being the team manager for Blue house as the form 5 are busy. I just talked to dad about the jersey and stuff. He said he wanted to help but I specificly said to him: IF CAN FIND SOME PURE BLUE OLD BOYS. Ive been wondering where in the world are my houses old boys. I only knew Thaqifs dad and Amins dad. I really envy Black house. They are the lucky ones. Having a supporting old boys. 
got to go Chiao

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Big Question

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

Praise God that all the Malaysians involved with the Freedom flotilla is safe and sound. Technically, the flotilla never completed their mission in supplying food and meds to the people in the strip of Gaza. 

Thats that, now. Where in the world is the United Nations, European Union and all major powers in the blue planet. Why are there no ACTIONS towards the Israeli military for attacking a non-armed vessel. Then, these animals could say to the world that they are mistreated and there is  is injustice towards them.

They would never realise that they were the one who brought injustice towards the Palestinians. First, they stole these innocent peoples land and created A high-rising wall. Then, they took their lives by labeling them as terrorist. What did the do the Jews anyways. Once, accord. to a book while Muslims were praying the Military storms right in and shoots the harmless people. Come on, they are prayinglah. The head of the assalut was the former premier of Israel Ariel Sharon. 

By writing this I hope everyone out there is aware on what has these cruel and inhuman animals done towards anyone. 

Kimok II

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Delaying my entry on the freedom flotilla incident later due to snow storm here in Kelana Jaya :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wake Up People


Hey, I has been awhile since I wrote here. NOW! Through your clever brain, what conclusion can you propose from this little picture up here. You can CLEARLY see that these Palestinian children are being brutally harrased by IDF. These is not the first time in TV we hear bout Israelis cruelty towards Palestinians. Can you imagine being dragged like this? Sakit right. I wonder why are these young and innocent children are being push around like slaves.

Lets lend a helping hand pray for them. The MV Rachel Corrie is towed towards Ashdod due to the inhumane acts of The goverment of Benjamin Nethayanu and Obama.

To be continued

Friday, May 28, 2010

Days of A Fast Food

From the Desk Of K.Aiman,

Hey all of you out there. How are you all? Hope you are at the best of health. I officially finished my mid-term exam yesterday. Our last paper was Pendidikan Islam. It was a nonstressful paper. I felt quite cheerful on that specific papers.

I am now at hme. Resting from the hackling off the dormful life. :DD A lot of people balik as it has been a month since seeing their parents. Though, another lot stayed behind to enjoy three days of free life :P. Thats how starian do with hol's. Either going to cybercafes or duduk quietly dalam dorm.

Next week, is the moment we have been waiting for. The 2 weeks holidays is here. It never crossed my mind saying: i have passed alot here in STAR. Now, I feel more secure and no more homesicking. Maybe adelah sikit2. But it is how life must go one. Rite. My electif subjects were soooo tough. Two papers are tested. Through my resource, KJ is only testing on one paper. Technically, I repeat trchnically is quite easily.

So to my KJians GAMBATE!!!!
Gegar your exam results :DD


KIMOK the second

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Big Mac

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

Hello land dwellers. It has been a long period of time that I wrote on my memoir. I, was very busy with errands. My leg is recovering from sprain due to my heroic act during handball practice. So, now I've got time. Next week there will be two main event of Year 2010. One: Teachers Day celebration. I've moved from KJ to STAR. So, I am going to see how these Starians celebrate it. Second: Mid Term Exam. Oh my god, this is the most frigtening moment in my whole life. Easily failed my add math during Selaras, I wonder what am I gonna get for this.

Put aside boring topic, now lets talk bout my life here. I am fully adapted to the environment here in STAR. From waking up to sleeping late :DD

Till then Cheerio,
K.Aiman/ big Mac

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Days

Hello everyone, Salam 1Malaysia.

Yeah, it has been a long time since I scratch on this memoir of mine. Been very busy with Ujian Selaras Satu. It went quite well though, Need to buck up on my Biology, Chemistry and Math Mod. I did a lot of careless mistakes in math mod. Cikgu Hidayah said: Xde brackets, walaupun betul the equation, no marks. WTH!! Sejarah, another pain in the ass. Essays2. Had to write a letter to En. Izaheri to ask forgiveness. I still like Sejarah though.

I'm back in KJ. Yes, I've got a beautiful mc from a beautiful doctor. Thanks doc. Went back on tuesday. Sampai cuti next week WOHOO. Demam has departed for a while, Batuk is still around. Dengg. Still, i like mc's :DD

Got to go

Cheerio :D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is It Ending Time?

Good Evening everyone :D

So, how's your holiday coming on eh? There's a whole week to spent for boarding schoolees wiht friends family and loved ones, enn? The date today is 20th March everybody. Which means, maybe ader yg on their way back to school. Thank God I'm quite in the middle. Not far from home. The whole week is filled with sweat dropping activities: Wayang2, Rumah Aiman, Book Fair :p.
Really tiring though. Yesterday was the most tiring event. Book Fair. Walked through the whole PWTC just to get a number of books je.

This Book Fair is mainly bout Islamic books based on what I seen and saw ;l. there were booth's from the Mufti of Brunei,Iranian stuff and Egyptian stuff :D. Bought some reference book and one book about the Freemason stuff. It looks kinda cool though.

Well, here's mostly everything. Evening agenda: Putrajaya everybody. Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. See you till then. 26th March I will be around :P


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Part 2 :)

Hey everyone. I've found the pictures for the "khemah" of every house during Sports Day :D Here you go :

The first house is the Green House.
Based on a mosque I presumed.

Now, we have my house, Winner Of 2010
Rumah Blue :). We conitnue to the next house

The Cavaliers Black House.

Rumah Merah's camping site :)

Rumah Putih punye. Last but not least is

Rumah Kuning :)

Well, thats almost of every house. See you all later :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

It Has Been Foretold


A very splendid to all of you out there,

It has been a long while since I scrible on this blog. Been very busy. Yes, my Sports Day dah habis. My house won for the architecture of khemah. It's a little STAR tradition since the 90's, where every member of the house is needed to decorate their khemah. The team defers from year to year. I'll try to search for a perfect view of it later. I've also won a bronze medal for tarik tali event :P.

The holidays are here. It's quite boringla. No life in it anymore. Guess that's for now. See you guys in a short millenia :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mengira Hari

Salam Satu Malaysia to all of you out there,

How was your Chinese New Year. Some of us had already started schooling since Tuesday itself. While other schools masih cuti(including me). On Sunday, again I'm gonna board the bus back to Ipoh. Not gonna see my right hand friends for a number of weeks. Aduhh,kena start kawad-ing back. The most past time that i really hate the most. KAWAD. Man, whoever is in my size 9 shoes are gonna say straight away" I'm gonna move out of this school ASAp". Yeap, I also used to say that. Tapi, what to do rite. Just sabar sahaja and redha. Thank God its only 1hour and a half only. If they extended it sampai 2 hours, K.O. Skipped dinner a number of time dah because of this. :P

am gonna rarely update this blog. See you all during term break :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Two Weeks :)

Hello peeps, how are you all? Hope that you all are at the best of health. It has been awhile now since I scratch on this blog. To all, I am not schooling in SMKKJ anymore. I am now A Perakian. Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh. A school full of history for my family. My dad was in the school, 1981-1985, uncle, 1978-1982,abg izham dunno, atok maarup also unknown, tok lang midin onlny entered there for Form 6. I am quite fine with living in a boarding school. My hostel is, technically the nearest to the academic block, dewan makan, surau and a bunch of others.

I was the last person to register during the orientation day. 31 lucky students across Semenanjung Malaysia except for Perlis. We were packed into one class, 4P. our class teacher is Madam Juliana Shaarum. A very happy and cheerful teacher she is. We need not use any effort to cheer up the class as she had prepared the whole lot. :) Then, what I kurang suka is their food. Over"kanji"ed rice. Oh man!! One of my very nono. Kalau I malas, I'll just skip and go to the ko op and buy some roti. :D

The sports there are very2 interesting. Well thats for now See you all in a while.
Signing off,

Khairul Aiman

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catchy :)

Hello everyone,

Just got back from rugby practice. Quite a day today eh? Pulling tyre all across the field. homeworls as usual is quite a lot. Biology itself a number, Modern Math 30 questions only, Physics a report must be complete, Sejarah one nota for Mesir Purba and many more. Deadline for Sekolah Berasrama Penuh is a day or two away jer. I dunno, should I live behind all my achievement here in KJ and start fresh. Or, stay here and continue on my ending journey. Life, itself is full of mischiefs and hectic days. Tonight, gonna do the istikharah prayers( dari dulu nak2 tapi x buat).
God help me. AMIN ;)



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

These Days Are Getting Worse and Worse

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

Hello peeps. Been a while now since I wrote on the blog. Been very busy lately to. Yesterday, first time house practice. But it wasn't a practice at all. Like a waste of time going. Homework, nowaday are getting plentier and plentier. Math itself 48 question a day. Add maths I've lost count on how many homework i skipped. Other subjects boleh maintain momentum. The tourney for mssd rugby has been postponed. That's bad news coz I'm considering to go for S.T.A.R.

Headache yang amat sekarang ni. Some says, you go la, better school. Some says, stay and continue here. So, up to here only peeps, though is boring.

Khairul Aiman ben Khairulanwar

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shocking Isn't IT

From The Desk Of K.Aiman,

Good day everyone. Hope yours are fine. Just got back from golfing ngan dad :).I got my tawaran to Sekolah Berasrama Penuh already and would hear suggestion to go/or not to go :).


Friday, January 8, 2010

What A Hell Of A Day

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

So it has arrived. Fridays :DD. End of the week. Phewh, this whole week memang haywire gile. Tapi, still need to get through itkan? Things can't get any worse for now. Homework is like Gunung Kinabalu high. Mathematics die jer the whole practice, chemistry tuh nasib baru start, fizik boleh2la tuh. Up to date the subject with least homework is B.I.,B.M.,Sejarah,Biology and agama. I kinda like biology. Puan Rafidah is always so energetic to teach us though with a tiring face on her face. Sejarah F4 is more to world civilisation such as the egyptians, China dynasty. Tuh yang bestnyer. Boring part with form 4 is extra exam papers. one subject can have up to 3 papeprs9 kertas 1, kertas 2, kertas 3).

So, nds another week. See you guys on the next. P.S, anyine yg masih xde badge, daun petaling better get ready to be demerited. Next week full spotcheck

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tanggal 4/1/2010

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

Hello and Salam Satu Malaysia to all of you out there. Today had been a very hectic day. Maklumlah, first day of school. Started of at 6.00 am today, waked up and showered. Mama today took the day off coz to settle nina's first secondary school years :). Dah besar dah..

Got this long ceramah which is supposingly not needed. They gave us into our classes. Only 28 dwellers got into 4 Amanah. Which I think is sikit. Our class teacher is Puan Thana. For the first time I've been feeling bosan, without the groupee :DD. Then suddenly, I started to feel uneasy. To my knowledge, I am sick, on the first day of school.

So, went into physics class, satu benda x masuk. Agama nota like cincai2 punye. Went home and met the doctor. Gave me some panadol and ask me to rest.

Thats all folks,

Khairul Aiman :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Decade Full Of Challenge :D

Well, everyone it has been a while since I've wrote on the blog. Been very2 lazy actually. 2009 is full of up's and down's for me and all of you. Rite??

So, just now, had our last AMT of the year 2009 an maybe the last for about 10-20 years :(.
Some of us will be moving on to Boarding School etc... while the others stay to the on and only SMKKJ :DD. Technically, I've been hearing why are some off the people keep on making bad review bout this school. Some had said the teachersla, the pengawasla, the disciplinela, others ade ckp some stuffs.
Actually, this school is as same as any other school in Malaysia. It's not about the school, it's about
the attitude and the will of the students itself. Kalau masuk asrama pon, still malas nak bwat homework(like yours truly) it is still going to be the same. RITE??

Still waiting "patiently" for my new phone. Wonder why some parents kedekut. They've gotten their good results, still a nono. They deserve a reward for their suffering.

So that's all folks,
Cheerio :)