Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catchy :)

Hello everyone,

Just got back from rugby practice. Quite a day today eh? Pulling tyre all across the field. homeworls as usual is quite a lot. Biology itself a number, Modern Math 30 questions only, Physics a report must be complete, Sejarah one nota for Mesir Purba and many more. Deadline for Sekolah Berasrama Penuh is a day or two away jer. I dunno, should I live behind all my achievement here in KJ and start fresh. Or, stay here and continue on my ending journey. Life, itself is full of mischiefs and hectic days. Tonight, gonna do the istikharah prayers( dari dulu nak2 tapi x buat).
God help me. AMIN ;)



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

These Days Are Getting Worse and Worse

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

Hello peeps. Been a while now since I wrote on the blog. Been very busy lately to. Yesterday, first time house practice. But it wasn't a practice at all. Like a waste of time going. Homework, nowaday are getting plentier and plentier. Math itself 48 question a day. Add maths I've lost count on how many homework i skipped. Other subjects boleh maintain momentum. The tourney for mssd rugby has been postponed. That's bad news coz I'm considering to go for S.T.A.R.

Headache yang amat sekarang ni. Some says, you go la, better school. Some says, stay and continue here. So, up to here only peeps, though is boring.

Khairul Aiman ben Khairulanwar

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shocking Isn't IT

From The Desk Of K.Aiman,

Good day everyone. Hope yours are fine. Just got back from golfing ngan dad :).I got my tawaran to Sekolah Berasrama Penuh already and would hear suggestion to go/or not to go :).


Friday, January 8, 2010

What A Hell Of A Day

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

So it has arrived. Fridays :DD. End of the week. Phewh, this whole week memang haywire gile. Tapi, still need to get through itkan? Things can't get any worse for now. Homework is like Gunung Kinabalu high. Mathematics die jer the whole practice, chemistry tuh nasib baru start, fizik boleh2la tuh. Up to date the subject with least homework is B.I.,B.M.,Sejarah,Biology and agama. I kinda like biology. Puan Rafidah is always so energetic to teach us though with a tiring face on her face. Sejarah F4 is more to world civilisation such as the egyptians, China dynasty. Tuh yang bestnyer. Boring part with form 4 is extra exam papers. one subject can have up to 3 papeprs9 kertas 1, kertas 2, kertas 3).

So, nds another week. See you guys on the next. P.S, anyine yg masih xde badge, daun petaling better get ready to be demerited. Next week full spotcheck

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tanggal 4/1/2010

From The Desk Of Khairul Aiman,

Hello and Salam Satu Malaysia to all of you out there. Today had been a very hectic day. Maklumlah, first day of school. Started of at 6.00 am today, waked up and showered. Mama today took the day off coz to settle nina's first secondary school years :). Dah besar dah..

Got this long ceramah which is supposingly not needed. They gave us into our classes. Only 28 dwellers got into 4 Amanah. Which I think is sikit. Our class teacher is Puan Thana. For the first time I've been feeling bosan, without the groupee :DD. Then suddenly, I started to feel uneasy. To my knowledge, I am sick, on the first day of school.

So, went into physics class, satu benda x masuk. Agama nota like cincai2 punye. Went home and met the doctor. Gave me some panadol and ask me to rest.

Thats all folks,

Khairul Aiman :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Decade Full Of Challenge :D

Well, everyone it has been a while since I've wrote on the blog. Been very2 lazy actually. 2009 is full of up's and down's for me and all of you. Rite??

So, just now, had our last AMT of the year 2009 an maybe the last for about 10-20 years :(.
Some of us will be moving on to Boarding School etc... while the others stay to the on and only SMKKJ :DD. Technically, I've been hearing why are some off the people keep on making bad review bout this school. Some had said the teachersla, the pengawasla, the disciplinela, others ade ckp some stuffs.
Actually, this school is as same as any other school in Malaysia. It's not about the school, it's about
the attitude and the will of the students itself. Kalau masuk asrama pon, still malas nak bwat homework(like yours truly) it is still going to be the same. RITE??

Still waiting "patiently" for my new phone. Wonder why some parents kedekut. They've gotten their good results, still a nono. They deserve a reward for their suffering.

So that's all folks,
Cheerio :)